2 Offers Of The Three Piece Wedding Rings

Wedding rings come in so many variations you can choose. Among those many variations, the three-piece wedding rings seem to be the one, which attracts many people on having it.

If you are interested to have it also, here we will share you about two wedding rings in 3 pieces style you can choose.

A. 925 Sterling Silver Three-Piece Wedding Ring for Women

This ring is not only suitable for wedding, but you can also have it to celebrate your engagement as well. This ring completed with tarnish resistant rhodium plating in high quality.

Besides, the main stone of this ring also comes in big size; it is in 6mm more or less. The cut is in princess style. Around the accent stones, there are also dozens of channels, which add the beauty and elegance look of this ring.

The total carat of this ring reached 2.50 ct diamond equivalent. Moreover, this ring also comes at affordable price. You only need around $40 to have this ring.

For more detail, the gemstone used in this ring is the AAA Cubic Zirconia. The stone color of this ring is in clear color, to draw every people’s attention to your beauty finger.

Round brilliant is the clear accent stone cut of this ring. The size of it also comes in varying preferences. You can choose between 5 up to 10.

However, if you are not sure enough about your ring size, it is always better to measure it to a jeweler

B. 0.55 Ct Silver Stainless Steel Tarnish

For another option, you can also choose this one. This ring also comes in 3 pieces set, which will maximize the beauty of your fingers.

The material used in this ring is stainless steel with metal purity number as many as 316. The type of this wedding ring is in engagement and band. For the band style, it completed with gemstone.

The design is in slim look completed with quite big main stone. For the main stone, this 3-pieces wedding ring uses cubic zirconia, and it has a clear color.

For more information about three-piece wedding rings we share this time, it completed with one brilliant cut stone prong, with 5mm width, or 0.55 ct, set at the center of this ring.

On the other hand, there are also two stones in trapezoid cut on each side of this ring. The other two matching band rings in this set also completed with 12 round cut.

If you are having an allergy to certain material such as gold, or silver, you do not need to worry. This three-piece wedding ring completed with the hypoallergenic characteristic.

Moreover, it also has rust as well as tarnish free characteristic, which will add the longevity and well look at this 3-pieces wedding ring. For additional information, this ring weights for 6.1 grams.

Those are all information about three-piece wedding rings we can share. We hope that one of those two wedding rings will match your preference in choosing 3 pieces ring for your wedding.

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