Meme’d by the Smoky One

It seems we bloggers sometimes have a civic duty to fulfill here in the blogosphere: to go horribly off-topic in the event that we are tagged with a meme. Not that being tagged is like jury duty or anything…
At any rate, this viral meme has spread its way to me thanks to good ol’ wizardsmoke. He deserves kudos, though, as he went through the strenuous effort of tracing the meme’s serpentine path, and found that it—-rather amusingly—-originated from the evil that is LiveJournal. Perhaps the true source of evil could be LiveJournal in my story; the evil hidden Zero-ith Ring. lol.
Anyway, here are the rules (There’s always specific criteria for these memes…):

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Easy enough. Here’s what’s sparked my interests lately:

1. Muse – Hysteria (English rock)
I can hear the heavy influence from Radiohead in their style. I really enjoyed ‘Starlight’ and recently found ‘Hysteria’ by association.

2. H2K – Summer Melody (trance)
A lot of my music seems to be rare, and, sadly, this is one that I’m hard-pressed to find a musical link to. So I linked to an album that has the song instead. The mp3 sample at that link manages to capture the boring transition part and nothing else.

3. Keane – A Bad Dream (English rock)
Few songs have more meaning both lyrically and musically for me. A good friend of mine, Heather, first had me listen to this band over a year ago, and I really liked the songs ‘Untitled 1′ and ‘Bedshaped’, and have followed the band ever since.

4. Trans Balear – Crosses (trance)
For people who think all trance sounds the same, they might be pleasantly surprised by this one.

5. Tori Amos – Girl Disappearing (alternative (ballad))
Say what you want, but I really enjoy Tori’s gigantic catalogue of music and gorgeous poetic lyrics. This song happens to be what I like the most at the moment.

Girl disappearing to some secret prison
But she’s right in front of me.
A girl disappearing to some secret prison
Behind her eyes.
She whispers,
ig surprise, there was no protection by this urban light.
So I’m running to a constellation
Where they can still see you.

Damn, wish I could write poetry that well. Unfortunately, no music video exists for this one, so there’s some weird photoshoot to ignore while you listen.

6. Rip Slyme – Super Shooter (j-pop)
As I’ve been to Japan, I naturally have an unhealthy addiction to J-pop. This song often rotates in as my favorite. Again, no music video was made for this song, so you’ll have to ignore a particularly bad AMV instead.

7. Groove Coverage – Poison (trance)
2,690 trance songs and I still can’t get enough of this one, even though it came out back in 2002.

So there ya have it. Forgive me, oh Lord, for what I’m about to do:
I tag Poetikat, Donna, Misterbooks, Jennifer, Steph, Saint Know-All, and uh … Neil Gaiman!! (izzat legal?)

In other news, I finally finished Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule about two days ago. Now I think I’ll start on George R R Martin’s A Game of Thrones. I’ve heard much good about it.
Ah, and thanks so much to Steph for taking the time to critique some of my written dialogue. You did a really great job and it helped me bring my writing to the next level.

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4 replies on “Meme’d by the Smoky One

  1. You’re on Cirellio! I love the odd diversion into these self-exploratory memes. Now, if I can just get 7 songs…

    Hey, Blogger has this new Blog List with updates and I’ve put you on mine. Now I won’t forget to keep checking in.

  2. Woohoo, I’m tagged! I’ve never been tagged before… So exciting!

    Of course, you would have to do it while my internet’s out and I’m using a crappy dialup connection. You just have to wait till Monday when I can call my ISP and yell at them.

    Also, I’ve heard nothing but great things about George R. R. Martin. In fact, it’s on my list of things to read when I can bloody afford to buy it.

  3. @Steph: That was the first time I was tagged too! But sorry about the timing. I’ll do better next time ;)

    @Kat: Wasn’t this a fun meme? I’ve got to admit I’m pretty curious what everybody is going to post as their seven songs.
    Looks like Neil Gaiman hasn’t gotten around to his, yet, lol!
    Thanks so much for adding me to that uh.. Blog List thingie, I’m honored. ^_~

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