Let’s publishing! -part 2-

So I went to the dreaded juggernaut Barnes and Nobles and looked through their magazines. I had to crawl on all fours to find the section on writing.  You know … they are underneath the prominately displayed muscle-building and car magazines—rubbing pages instead with the New Age, Wiccan, and Faerie magazines. I guess they have profiled us writers as one of the many varieties of freaks that hang out at Denny’s after midnight.

I found a simple but well-done magazine there called ‘Writers’ Journal’. Issues are usually about sixty-five pages long, all in black and white print, and feature writing, poetry, and photography.

They seem to accept their entries through ‘contests’ and charge nominal ‘reading fees’ ranging from three to fifteen dollars (USD). Rewards range from 10 dollars to 500 dollars. At the moment, they have about ten contests going. They publish their first, second, and third place entries.

I did enjoy reading the last few issues and think I’ll give them a try.

First, I’m going to subscribe to their magazine. :3~

I think I want to enter their short story contest.

The entry fee is 10 dollars. The rewards are 350 dollars for first place, 125 dollars for second, and 75 dollars for third. And the most important reward of all: getting published in print. ^_^!

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4 replies on “Let’s publishing! -part 2-

  1. Personally, I dislike submitting anything that requires me to pay first, but I know some people that can make it work. Good luck! ^^

  2. Well, the 10 dollars is nothing to me~I figure a lot of smaller publications like this one disappear, never to be heard from again. So maybe this is their way of staying afloat in a market that otherwise doesn’t support this kind of thing. Maybe it’s how they pay the writers. If they were asking for 30 dollars or more, I’d probably be looking elsewhere.
    Thanks again for all the warm wishes :) I’ll do my best!

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