Custom NPI — Roster

To all the newcomers, welcome to NPI!

To the veterans, welcome back!

Looks like we have about 12 participants so far (and counting).

This is a great opportunity to check out everyone’s wonderful writing blogs (and be sure to follow them on Twitter, too).


1. Merrilee Faber — 250 words per day.

blog: Not Enough Words


2. Cassie — 10 minutes a day.

blog: J.C. Hart


3. KLCtheBookWorm — 250 words per day.

blog: Discipline Under Fire

4. Angie B. — 250 words per day.

blog: Lost in L.A.

5. Najela — 250 words per day.

blog: One Big Adventure

6. J.C. Martin — 500 words per day.

blog: The Fighter Writer


7. packsister — 1/3rd a page a day.

blog: The Awake Ones

8. Ryan G. Sanders — 250 words per day.

blog: Ryan G. Sanders


9. Karen JM — 250 words per day.

blog: Catherine Mede Writes

10. A. M. Harte — 200 words per day.

blog: A.M. Harte


11. Laura — 250 words per day.

blog: Ink: In All Forms


12. Nick Enlowe — 30 minutes a day.


13. Portia — 500 words per day.

blog: elle écrit

14. Julie– 250 words per day.

blog: j-flamingo reflections


15. Emma Newman — 1,000 words per day.

blog: Post-Apocalyptic Publishing

16. Kerryn — 100 words per day.

blog: No Excuses. Just Write.


17. Camilla — 100 words per day.


18. cbrett60 — 250 words per day.


19. Aliza Mann — 250 words per day.



20. Anna Caro — 250 words per day.

blog: Anna Caro


21. NewToWritingGirl — 250 words per day.



22. Tessa Conte — 250 words per day.



23. Douglas Wynne — 250 words per day.

blog: Monsters and Miracles


24. Cindy Marie Jenkins — 250 words per day.

blog: Cindy Marie Jenkins — Storyteller


25. Lisa — 250 words per day.

blog: One Madwoman’s One Million Words

26. Debbie Curan — 250 words per day.

blog: words ‘n’ whimsy

27. Cinette — 250 words per day.

blog: Musings of a Writer-in-Progress


28. Kakapo — 250 words per day.



If I missed you or one of your websites, be sure to let me know.
This is not a final list. Registration is still open.

Now’s the time to be thinking about making adjustments to your daily goals. Would 200 words be more manageable? Is 250 words not challenging enough? Want to set your goal to something less tangible than a specific number of words?

It’s all up to you….

T-minus three days ;)

22 replies on “Custom NPI — Roster

  1. Wondering now if I’m being overly ambitious with 500 words a day. Then again, when I do sit down to write, I normally manage over 1,000. But there are days when I manage 0…oh well, fingers crossed. This NPI is the perfect kick up the backside for me!

  2. Yay! I love that you’re still doing the NPI. You have a lot of people this time around — wow! Good luck to you all. :)

    Hope you’ve been doing well, Nick. I have not been around much lately — I have a lot of catching up to do. :)

  3. @packsister: oops, sorry! –fixed.
    @A.M. Harte: done!
    @Portia: done! Welcome aboard.
    @J.C.: Well, just let me know if you want to bump it down a bit.
    @Latrina: Hey!! How are you doing? So nice to see you again.

  4. can I change my daily goal please? to 10 minutes. I don’t want to set myself up to fail and hey, even that much at this point in time is better than what I’m getting at the moment!

  5. np, it’s a good goal. The first step to writing is sitting down in front of the keyboard, then 10 minutes is just long enough to get into the flow of things and that can grow into more quality writing time.

  6. Wow, Nick, your next NPI will run on the world championship scale! 21 people on this one already, I’m amazed to see how much response this idea gets in the writing world. One more day! I’m already working on the ideas that I’ll be putting into words this month.

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