Something big’s going on

Hey guys, some major, life-changing things are happening right now. Can’t really go into details until I know more concrete information, but everything’s topsy-turvy this month, haven’t been able to do much writing.

I’m trying to fall back into form but there’s a lot of life-related things to think about, making it next-to-impossible to concentrate.

5 replies on “Something big’s going on

  1. …you’re not going to be ‘Nicole Enlowe’ the next time you write a post, are you? o_O

    Aside from the jokes, good luck in your current endeavours. The internet can wait, go take care of life!

  2. Thanks guys! No, I’m not getting a sex change, though funny thing about that, a few of my friends that I knew very well in high school HAVE, and I’m still friends with both of them.

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