5 Advantages of Wooden Wedding Ring Sets

The days when metal was the only acceptable material for making wedding rings has passed. Today, non-metal wedding rings become increasingly more popular.

Many nature lovers now enjoy wearing clear resin wedding rings with floral decoration implanted in them. If you think that going back to nature is a great way to celebrate your wedding ceremony, consider designing wooden wedding ring sets.

Here are five reasons why wearing a wooden ring when you say your sacred oath is a great idea.

1. Wooden Ring is Cheaper

Wood is obviously much cheaper than gold and other precious metals. Wearing wooden wedding ring sets during your wedding ceremony is thus an excellent idea especially if you are on a budget.

Although the wooden ring is significantly cheaper than a precious metal ring, it barely looks cheap. The ring still looks gorgeous, elegant and stylish on your finger.

So, it is still an excellent jewelry piece to represent the most important and luxurious event in your life.

2. The Wooden Ring Represents Freshness and Eternity

You want your love to be always fresh and eternal, right? Wood looks fresh because it comes from nature. Its beautiful look is also as eternal as an evergreen tree.

Wooden wedding ring sets are perfect for symbolizing the freshness and eternity of your love.

3. For Nature Lovers, The Wooden Ring is Desirable Due to Its Being Eco-Friendly

Gold and other precious metals come from the nature-damaging mining industry. Wooden wedding ring sets, on the other hand, don’t necessarily come from wood cut from the tree.

Most of the time, wooden rings are made from salvaged wood through handcrafting process that helps reduce the burden that the Mother Nature has to bear.

Through recycling process, you have helped nature recover from all damages that it has sustained.

4. Wooden Ring is Hypoallergenic

Many people are allergic to the metal alloy used to make their rings, but there is almost no one who is allergic to wood.

Because wedding ring will stay on your finger for the rest of your life, allergy can be a sickening problem. If you are allergic to metals, wear wooden wedding ring sets in your wedding ceremony and for the rest of your life.

5. Every Wooden Ring is Unique

Wood has its own distinctive texture, so every ring that is made from wood will look different. If you decide to design wooden wedding ring sets for your wedding ceremony, the rings that you and your future spouse will wear will have unique look.

If you dream to wear a unique ring in your wedding ceremony, choosing a wooden ring for it is definitely a great idea.

There are many advantages of wearing wooden ring in your wedding ceremony. Therefore, if you want to stay away from metal or if you want to keep your budget as low as possible, choose a wooden ring for the most important event in your life.

Wooden wedding ring sets now available for sale at various local and online jewelry stores and designers. In fact, you can even make the ring yourself with instructions that you can easily find online.

Make your wedding the most special and unforgettable event by wearing wooden rings.

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