5 Kinds of Engraved Promise Rings for Her

Do you know the meaning of the engraved promise rings for her? What is an engraved rings? It is a kind of ring in which you can write a special word or message or sentence to your beloved one. Many people buy this kind of engraved ring to show their feeling and hopes for ‘Her’.

The word ‘her’ means the one that they love so much. I am sure that most of you already understand about the promise ring. It is a ring for showing the serious relationship or for a commitment.

Many people like to engrave the ring for the name of a couple, name of someone that they love, the proposal and any other special date for both, a romantic sentence, and the special message. People cannot find this engrave promise ring directly from the shop.

They need to order and tell about the engraving that you want to make. People can engrave the ring both inside and outside engraving. There are a lot of popular kind of engraved promise rings that are usually ordered by many people.

Wish Promised Ring

It is a stamped promise ring with a wonderful wish on it. There is a pattern of dandelion stuff in which this flower represents a good wish. It symbolizes wish to be together for along the life and it represents a good thing to come around your love.

This kind of ring is available in silver, yellow and rose gold. People need to pay around $3 for getting this ring.

Coordinates Engraved Promise Ring

People need to spend around $24 for getting this ring. It is a meaningful coordinates both latitude and longitude which are engraved on this chair. People order this ring to remind about the special places for a couple. It can be the place when they met for the first time, proposal and even a kiss. It is available for silver, yellow and rose gold.

Engraved Silver Promise Ring

It is a band with 9-10mm wide. This ring has a unique and pretty design. It is designed with full of flower pattern. People can make an engraving inside the band about the personal message. It is priced around $72.

Steel Engraved Promise Ring

It is made from the stainless steel. This is a kind of band with a vintage design. Both men and women can wear this band. You can make the replica on it up to 20 characters. You can put on this kind of ring for a daily wear. The price is $32.

Engraved Inspirational Promise ring

It is an interesting ring. It is designed with full of words which can remind you and your partner for your relationship. People can engrave the name, date, message and romantic words on this ring.

This ring is available in silver, 14K of yellow gold and 14K of rose gold. People need to spend around $88. It is a worth it for making her happy. It is the best-engraved promise ring for her, the beloved one.

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