A Beginner’s Guide to Pandora Ring Size Chart

The Pandora ring size chart is really needed to select the right size of the ring we buy at Pandora Jewelry for someone special. It is available in the Pandora Jewelry website so that the members or prospective clients can download.

First of all, why is it important for us to measure our ring especially the rings such as wedding ring, engagement ring, or a promise ring? Beauty is one of the ways we choose a ring.

That is not questionable. However, comfort cannot be neglected since we will wear it all the time. Like a friend, the ring we will wear every day should be comfortable and not annoying. For some people, it is easy to select a ring, just pick one and wear.

No, actually two rings that look similar and equal, don’t mean that they are really equal. Some rings like wedding rings come differently in size. They can be light, medium, and heavy. The heavier one, of course, is more expensive but it doesn’t mean that it will fit your finger.

If you want to buy a ring from Pandora Jewelry, then the guidance below can make you feel easier.

Size Chart of Pandora Rings – The Explanation

The Pandora rings chart is downloadable and printable. All you have to do is make a hole in each round picture available. After that, you have to place your ring finger against the hole to have the right size. Or if making holes of the rounds is not easy, you can use your other ring that fits your finger perfectly, and then put the ring on the round shape on the chart.

When you need to wear more than one ring on your finger, definitely you should choose on the chart the one that is one size larger than your ring you wear when measuring.

In Pandora Jewelry the most popular sizes of rings are 6, 7, and 7.5. Be careful if you are American or European since their size signs are different. In Pandora US measurement, 4.5 is equal with 48 in Europe, and 7.5 is equal with 56. Besides the round shapes, there is a measuring scale that is exactly 50 millimeter.

If you print the chart correctly, then it will have 50 mm measuring scale. When you want to have more than one ring on your finger, in the same printable chart you will have the guidance of stacking the rings. Here are the ways:

  • You have to choose the ring to stack,
  • Combine them together. Surely, those rings should be similar in styles.
  • Finally, enjoy your rings combination.

Why people use the ring chart, is because they want to buy the ring with the fittest size online, and they don’t want to spend time browsing the rings at the offline stores. Actually, there is an easy way to buy a ring with the correct size. Be a member of Pandora Club and save your size there.

Add your ring to the wish list before you tell the one you will give a ring. So, the ring you will buy will be available for you.

Now you know how to measure your rings, and you will need to buy the right one for you. Since you don’t have time to go to jewelry stores you even measure the ring you need at home with the printable chart, you absolutely need to buy online.

It’s so easy just learn what the Pandora Jewelry Store offers at its website. It is available with the contact person and the ways to buy.

Other Guidance to Select a Ring

  • Know what the ring is for. Is it for engagement, for a wedding or for a promise?
  • Learn about the styles, the size and personality traits of the person to be given the ring.
  • Prepare the budget.
  • Always learn the website of the jewelry store if you want to buy online.

So, the buying ring especially at Pandora Jewelry won’t be a problem anymore. The chart can help you, remember? It is great if the article about Pandora ring size chart really gives you guidance.

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