A Guide To Buy Kays Promise Rings

Kay Jewelers know that sometimes a couple wants to express their love and commitment to one another but not ready for yet for an engagement ring, and that is why they have a range of Kays promise rings available for you to buy.

Other than for couples, promise rings can also be used to symbolize a promise that you are making to yourself or even promises between friends.

Whatever the occasion may be, promise rings remain a beautiful symbol of devotion and dedication.

However, picking out a ring, even though it is not an engagement or wedding ring can still be an overwhelming experience.

There are so many styles and materials of rings that you can choose from, that it can be difficult to even be sure of where you can begin.

Having carefully thought out the type of ring you want to buy before you actually go and shop for them is important because it will make the buying process a lot easier.

Determine The Purpose Of The Promise Ring

Before you buy a promise ring, you must know first exactly what the purpose of the ring is. Traditionally, promise rings are used on the third finger of the left hand, which is the finger next to the pinky.

If you and your partner decide to get engaged one day, then the promise ring will be replaced.

If you do not want the promise rings to be replaced by engagement rings in the future, then you should think about buying a promise ring that will suit well when worn on a finger other than the ring finger.

Sometimes promise rings are used for friendships, and if you are looking to have promise rings with your friend then you should definitely think about what is appropriate for a finger other than the ring finger.

The Promise Rings As Necklaces

Several people also choose to wear their promise rings around their neck instead of wearing it on their finger.

If you know that your partner or friend do not like wearing rings, then you may want to consider the purchase of a necklace chain that goes together with the promise ring.

So that your partner or friend can have the option of wearing the promise ring as a necklace.

Find Out The Ring Size

You will have to know the ring size of the person you are buying the promise ring for. If the promise ring is meant to be given as a surprise, then do not ask them what their ring size is.

There are a few ways to find out their ring size without having to spoil the surprise you have planned for them.

First of all, you can look around and try to find ring boxes, maybe around the area where they store the jewelry that they own.

This is because ring boxes usually have the ring size printed on the box. You can also take one of the rings that your partner owns without them noticing and determine the size using a ring size guide online to help you buy Kays promise rings.

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