Affordable Engagement Rings Under $500

Affordable engagement rings under $ 500 can be your choice when you want to apply for a woman idol of the heart. In choosing the ring should consider the selection of the band. The band is a circular part of the ring on the user’s finger. Bands are usually made of gold, silver, platinum, or any other metal combination.

Metals have the properties of rubbing and affecting each other. Thus, you should wear a ring made of the same metal when used adjacent. Therefore, when choosing an engagement ring you should understand the favorite metal of your partner. to get this information, you can pay attention to the collection of jewelry it has.

In addition to the materials used, you must also ensure the durability of the ring band you choose. Band endurance is very important because the constant and constant friction and impact of everyday activities can damage the band from the ring.

The design of the ring you should look at again is about setting the location of gems. Placing the appropriate gems will make the ring even more beautiful and amazing. This setting refers to the part of the ring that binds the gems and attaches to the band.

Some of the ring models combine platinum settings with gold bands because they can display stunning contrast and special color luster. Setting with bezel with six fences will be safer for rings that tend to be used in routine activities.

The next thing to consider in choosing a ring with the right size. Choosing the band’s circumference is an important part of choosing an engagement ring. One way to find out the size of your partner’s ring is to briefly borrow the ring and measure the size of it with your finger. The other way is to use a ribbon that is looped around your partner’s finger. while doing this pretend to be doing a game.

It aims to surprise your partner when the ring you are about to give is ready. In addition, you can use the general standard of the average female ring size is seven. You can estimate whether the size of your finger is bigger or smaller than the general average of the female finger size.

You are confused to find a suitable ring model can do research on the internet first. In addition, you can also look at some of the list of wedding rings under $ 500 below:

  1. Limited 1.25 Carat Peach Pink Morganite which is a handmade ring with 1.25 carats that are round. This engagement ring has a price of $ 399.99 with details of the center stone and carat Morganite peach pink color. To purchase this ring there is a warranty feature in the form of refunds purchase of goods within fifteen days if you are not satisfied with the purchase of the ring, even for any reason.

  2. Rings 1.25 Carat Ruby Red and Diamond Engagement Ring. A hand-made Ruby and Diamond hand ring of 1.25 carats with red and shiny red Ruby gemstones. The price of this ring is $ 499.99 with Carat Weight 1.25 Carat total.

  3. Rings 1.25 Carat Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring. A perfect handmade ring with 1.25 carats Blue Sapphire that shine and will please your partner.

Make sure you choose the best rings for women that will accompany you with joy and sorrow. Women will definitely feel very happy if you understand about any fun. One of them is a ring that matches the personality and attractive design. Your marriage will remain memorable despite opting to use affordable engagement rings under $ 500.

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