Best Designs for Unique Promise Rings for Her

Unique promise rings for her feel so special to give in a very special moment as well. A promise ring can be a symbol of showing love to partner and may be a symbol of friendship. It can define so many meanings for a person getting a promise ring.

To give a more character ring, you should take a choice of unique promise rings for a special person. If you want to give unique promise ring, you should select the best design. These are a list of recommended design for a promise ring.

Classic Promise Ring

This has a simple design in sterling silver and round diamond solitaire. This is a classic choice. The diamond ring tends to be smaller about fewer carats. You need to consider a ring with diamond string for glamorous nuance.

You can find this classic promise ring in the nearest jewelry and diamond stores near to your home. Even, you may purchase it in online stores providing the design of promise ring.

Couple Heart Ring Set

Couple Heart ring set is one of unique promise rings for her. The couple rings are very simple but it looks so modern. The model of ring cut in the edge of both rings can form a small heart if it blends one. It is very sweet and creative to be a promise ring for couples. The design of the rings is fairly unique for being a wedding ring as well.

His and Her Fingerprint Ring Set

The fingerprint is printed in promise ring set. Is it possible? If it is realized, it will be the most unique promise ring. You can print your fiancé or fiancée on promise rings.

This becomes a new design for promise rings replacing mainstream designs like a romantic sentence, picture, and word’s engraving. It will be original and unique to memorize every single fingerprint on the promise rings.

Secret Message Ring Set

A hidden message can be an engraving choice for a promise ring for her. You may take word and sentence quotation, someone’s sentences having special meanings and hidden meanings on unique promise ring. The ring can be made of silver, gold, or titanium based on the needs and request.

But, the special design is the hidden secret message. Make the hidden message in the part of the promise ring. It is making this ring so personal and special and the engraving type will be a typical feature for your couple and her.

Love Symbol Ring Set

You may express love to her through a ring. A promise ring is possibly given to represent your heart feeling today for her. If you are sure to her, you can bond your love through a promise ring. One of the unique designs for promise rings is My Heart Is Yours ring set.

What does it mean? It is a ring picture design of girl and boy. The boy gives heart to the girl. This is so funny for being a promise ring. The part of girl picture ring can be given to her and the boy part can be kept for him. It is so inspiring to be unique promise rings for her.

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