Best Ideas for Non Conductive Wedding Ring

A Non-conductive wedding ring can be defined as a kind of wedding rings made from non-conductive metallic. It is mainly functioned not to let the heat will absorb and make the wearers feel not comfortable.

The ring itself is commonly made from gold, silver, platinum, and so forth. Those are kinds of metals that tend to enter the heat slowly. It is surely different if you prefer rings made from iron or titanium.

However, it can be a different story if your job must deal with the heat or electricity. The more heat contacts the ring, it will absorb it faster. The worst thing is that the finger can even be burnt for this matter.

Based on that fact, the non-conductive ones are more recommended here. If you are interested in this kind of ring anyway, here are some materials for rings that are considered as non-conductive.

Wooden Rings

It sounds weird probably but yes, you can use the wooden ring to celebrate your wedding. The wooden ring can be simply found anywhere indeed. It is even categorized as handicraft and the price is also not expensive.

Sure, you should not choose wooden rings in which the design and materials used can be easily found in the handicraft shop. You must choose the more special ones. It can be seen from the type of wood used or maybe the design.

A Wooden wedding ring can also be decorated with precious gemstones like diamond, sapphire, ruby, or emerald. When they are already in that design, of course, the price becomes much more expensive.

Just like furniture, teak is used for this glam wooden ring. Not only is it durable and strong, it cannot be easily corroded as well.

Rattan Rings

It is quite similar to the wooden one anyway. It looks cheap indeed. However, when you choose one of them in which the materials are really qualified, it is surely a different story.

Wedding rings made from rattan or wood are simply representing the nuance of natural. Both are also great ideas if your wedding applies certain natural concepts like rustic, camouflage, or maybe the country.

Certainly, to add the value of this type of wedding rings, gemstones can be added. Interestingly, rattan tends to have neutral colors so that any gemstone can just be matched it well.

Ceramic Rings

Ceramic is also considered as non-conductive material that is safe enough for your fingers. More than that, it is also really unique and beautiful. Ceramic ring available in the market is commonly produced in decorations like painting or printed image.

Sure, just like other wedding rings, you can also add diamonds, ruby, and other types of gemstones that you want.

For this kind of rings, you can find the ceramic customizing service since they are rarely directly available in the market, the problem is that common ceramics can be simply broken.

Therefore, make sure to discuss it with the makers at first so that you can find the stronger ones. So, are you interested to have this non-conductive wedding ring?

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