Boy Promise Rings – What is It?

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Boy promise rings are available in various styles and there are also many vendors that provide that kind of rings for boys. Commonly, the boy will give it to the girl. But it also means the friendship ring so you can also give the promise ring to your male friends or even boyfriend. You know, there is some kind of confusion between the engagement and promise rings. Of course, they are different. Ranging from the material, styles, up to the emotional matters, the differences are clearly different.

When you give an engagement ring to your beloved one, it means that you want to spend your life together with your partner and you give it after your proposal is happily accepted. Meanwhile, the promise ring has various reasons to be given. Mostly, the wearer and giver will wear that if they know the promise to each other.

Things About Couple

I will say that the promise rings give the individual symbol to the wearer and giver. But most of them are representing the commitment and, of course, love. It could be about a promise to one day they will be engaged even though the time is unspecified. Promise rings become so popular among the couples because they may not feel the urge to put certain label on the relationship or they are so serious to the partner but do not mean that they will get married next month or so.

If engagement rings are something to ensure the future of a couple, the promise ring can be the opposite.

Other Relationships

As I have said earlier, the promise ring can be the symbol of a forever best friend. Or a parent can give the promise ring to their kid as the symbol of forever love. People also refer it as the purity ring since it describes the abstinence pledge. In other words, the ring is also describing for the promise for anything like commitment to the partner, friends, faith, or if you want to commit when you want to eliminate a bad habit. So, promise ring can be worn by everyone for any promise and it is very individual.

Other Considerations

Typically, the promise rings are smaller than the engagement rings. It is subtler and some people will put it on any finger but the one for engagement ring. Diamonds still hold the popularity but people will prefer the smaller size of the diamond or the cluster style or also the gemstones. I will say that the main focus is on the overall design and not on the diamond.

Metal can be the good option. Most 18K and 14K platinum and gold will be chosen for engagement and wedding ring. So, I will suggest you consider the 10K gold or sterling silver. They have various styles and some of them can be customized. More than anything, they are more affordable yet durable for promise rings.

The popular motifs are entwined heart and infinity symbol. But, of course, it depends on your style. Besides, not much detail is better for boy promise rings.

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