Buying Small Diamond Promise Ring

Small diamond promise ring might be a perfect choice for people who are looking for a promise ring. Jewelry surely cannot be separated from people’s life.

It can be just a support for enhancing their appearance. However, jewelry can mean more than just accessories because there can be special meaning behind the jewelry.

It is pretty common for people to wear the ring which symbolizes something.

When people think about jewelry which has a special meaning behind it, they must imagine about jewelry which comes with an expensive price.

However, promise ring does not have to be expensive as long as people understand the circumstance when they give this type of ring. There are some functions which people can find from the promise ring after all.

Pre-engagement Ring

People might be very familiar with an engagement ring. However, a promise ring can be given as pre-engagement ring from the man to woman.

The promise ring as the pre-engagement ring will be given to the woman a man wants to get engaged and married in the future.

The woman can wear the promise ring and the man can also wear a ring which is matching to the pre-engagement ring as the sign of being faithful to the promise.

This can be the common meaning which can be found from promise ring. Commonly it will be replaced by engagement ring or wedding ring so that is why the promise ring usually has simple design including with small diamond.

Purity Ring

It does not mean that promise ring will always be used as pre-engagement ring only. There is also another meaning which can be brought by the promise ring.

It can be used as a purity ring. It is also known as chastity ring. The main use of this ring is a pledge for remaining sexually pure until marriage.

It can also be used as a sign of promise to avoid specific negative influences including drinking, smoking, and using drugs.

Friendship Ring

The next function which can be used with promise ring is a friendship ring. This is the ring which will be exchanged by best friends as the promise of always being friends and being there when they need each other.

There is no romantic affair meaning which can be found from this kind of ring after all.

However, there are many people who want to wear this kind of ring because it will remind them of their friendship as well as commitment.

It is difficult to keep a good friend forever so having best friend must be very meaningful for people.

Religious Ring

Last but not least, the promise ring can also be used as a religious ring. It means that people wear specific ring which will be the representation of a commitment to specific faith or part of faith.

People can wear the religious ring which is part of their commitment to following specific religion for instance.

The religious ring can also be worn as the sign of commitment to a specific saint for example. It means that they will also promise to practice of the saint preaching by wearing the promise ring although it is not a small diamond promise ring.

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