Can Pandora Rings be Resized? Read This!

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I am sure that most of the women in the world like to put on some kinds of jewelry. They are interesting to shop some kinds of jewelry for daily. They use the jewelry not about for showing, it is about to increase the beauty. They will look beautiful when putting and wearing accessories on their bodies such as earrings, rings, bracelet, and necklace. However, you will look so weird if wearing too many accessories. Well, have you ever experienced to get the bigger or smaller size of the ring? I am sure that you are so confused whether you can resize it or not. Here, many of you may be asking a question can Pandora rings be resized. Well, we are going to give you the answer about it below.

Ring Sizes

There are some ring sizes which are offered by Pandora jewelry shop. The size is from 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60. The most popular sizes are 52, 54 and 56. Then, before buying the ring, you need to pay more attention to the size. You have to think whether you will put one ring only on one finger or multiple rings on one finger. If you will buy only one ring for one finger, you need to investigate the old ring that you have before. The size might be various depend on the thick, wide and narrow ring shank. Then, if you want to buy the multiple rings for one finger. You need to choose one higher level from your own size. If in Pandora, the size of 48 refers to 15,3mm for the diameters. Then, 50 means 15,9mm. The size of 52 means 16,6mm. Next, size 60 refers to 19,1 mm.


It offers 2 years warranty for the manufacturing. The company will replace and repair the fault of manufacturing free for only 2 years. Then, people need to show and give the receipt to get the warranty. If they don’t show or might lose the receipt, they cannot use the warranty. The parts of the jewelry, such as wood, leather, string, and glass only get one year warranty. Then, how if we lost the jewelry? The company will not change the lost or stolen items. It is not a kind of company’s fault. They recommend people to keep their own items and join the insurance for the valuable jewelry. It can be used to anticipate the risk of stolen jewelry. Then, if you found the damaged jewelry, you can bring that item to the store. Then, they will send your jewelry to the repairs and services department. They will repair and fix your jewelry. Then, they will give back to you if it’s already complete.

Can Pandora Rings be Resized?

Well, many people are so curious about whether they can resize the rings or not. The Repairs and services department in Pandora company offers some kinds of services such as polishing, plating, removal of scratches and resizing the ring. Not all of the rings can be resized, but some of them can be resized. It depends on the model of its ring.

So, if people ask: can Pandora rings be resized?, I will definitely say yes, but it depends on the type of the rings.

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