Can You Get Pandora Rings Resized?

Can you get Pandora rings resized? It is a common question asked when you buy oversize or smaller size of Pandora rings.

Pandora is famous for its impressing jewelry products and beautiful rings like Princess Pandora. Many women and girls dream to have this ring.

It is unsurprising that many girls are trying hard to buy this ring. Girl’s partner also prefers buying Pandora ring for them.

But, sometimes you find a problem with inappropriate Pandora ring sizes. It makes you worried whether it is possibly resized or not.

Pandora Rings Store Offer Repair of Bought Ring

Inappropriate Pandora ring sizes certainly make you annoyed and worried. Is it not matching to wear? Is it possibly resized?

Can I change Pandora rings? Should I sell it? So many questions in your mind really disturb you after buying incompatible sizes.

If you have the problem, you should open its official website of Pandora and find Service. You can read what kinds of offered services from Pandora. 

Can you get Pandora rings resized? Let’s check it.

What does service offer? The part of repair and service of Pandora provides some kinds of services to your bought Pandora rings.

What are they? It offers a re-cleaning and repolishing, reoxidizing, rhodium polishing, removing the scratch, and resizing Pandora rings.

For the resizing service, it is applicable to terms and conditions. It depends on the design of Pandora rings.

This jewelry store also provides necklace and bracelet insertion service plus annual checking service applicable to stone and gemstone checking process.

But, all above services require a budget. Don’t worry it will never spend your money. The cost needs to pay to the retailers of Pandora rings.

The chosen Pandora store offers engraving services for consumers with some models and designs.

Let’s come to the store of Pandora to enjoy those services.

The Other Steps in Resizing of Pandora Rings

Is it possible to change sizes of Pandora rings? This is a big question among buyers. It has been answered where it can be resized.

You can take a service of Pandora store. If you have no that service, you may conduct the other alternatives. It is resizing by cutting of Pandora ring.

To change sizes of ring, this becomes a possible process conducted. You should cut it and then process for being reduced or increased.

For those requiring a bigger ring size, it is cut and then added the same metal for resizing. After being fulfilled, both tips become one again.

But, if you want to reduce the size of Pandora rings, cut the ring and get narrow of the ring and merges those edges of the ring.

Are there any risks of doing this alternative choice? Of course, there are. If Pandora ring is resized by cutting and repairing, the part of ring’s connector will be weak and easily broken.

Thus, it is better to trust a repair of Pandora rings or jewelry so that the risks can be minimized and even prevented. Those have answered the question on can you get Pandora rings resized?

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