Catch Your Spouse with Pokemon Engagement Ring

Have you heard of the Pokemon engagement ring? If you and your partner have an undying love for Pokemon and you want to profess your true love to your partner, then what better way is there than giving your partner a Pokemon ring that has been officially licensed?

All About the Pokemon Engagement Ring

The engagement ring itself is a part of a premium jewelry line that is just newly produced by K.Uno which is a Japanese company.

The ring has Espeon and Umbreon settled surrounding the stone of the ring. You can choose the metal you prefer because the engagement ring is available in three different metals.

The gold metal itself comes in three different styles, which are yellow, pink, and silver. Besides gold, you have the freedom to choose between the silver ring which is cost-efficient or the platinum ring.

The prices of the engagement ring range from $250 to $800 in the currency of US dollars. However, it seems that the price range only covers the ring without the diamond, and the cost of the diamond is charged separately.

Choosing the Diamond for Your Pokemon Engagement Ring

Diamonds are usually chosen for traditional engagement or wedding rings because it lasts forever and goes with anything.

Diamond is the hardest material so it fits as a gem for engagement rings. It will also not lose its shine and is susceptible to scratches.

Diamonds can only be scratched with another diamond. Because engagement and wedding rings are worn every day, people choose diamonds that are appropriate for everyday wear.

You can choose another gem if your partner prefers gems other than diamond, but if you choose to buy a diamond for your engagement ring then you have to pay attention to the 4 Cs.

Things to Pay Attention When Buying Diamonds

The first C that you have to pay attention to when buying diamonds is Carat. Carat refers to the unit measurement of diamonds, which is its weight and not how big it is.

Every carat has 100 points that basically is the measurement of the percentage measurement of the diamond carat. For example, a 75pt diamond means that it has 75% carat.

Higher carats usually mean it is of a bigger size and is, therefore, more expensive.

Another C that you have to pay attention to is the color of the diamond. Decide whether you want a diamond that is clear or colored. Most people choose white diamonds for their engagement ring.

The third C that you have to pay attention to is clarity. Because diamonds are naturally formed, there is an imperfection in almost every diamond.

The less imperfection that a diamond has, the better its clarity it has and therefore it appears shinier.

The last thing you want to pay attention to is the cut of the diamond as the cut affects its shine. The cut that results with the most shine is the round cut, while princess or radiant cuts are great to hide imperfections.

With this knowledge, you should be able to buy the perfect Pokemon engagement ring as well as the perfect diamond to go along with it.

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