Choosing Custom Wedding Band to Fit Engagement Ring

When you have a plan to give an engagement ring for your spouse, you are better to know about custom wedding band to fit engagement ring. As we know that wedding ring and engagement ring is different.

To make your couple still be able to wear a wedding ring and engagement ring on the same ring finger, you have to plan about custom wedding band to fit the engagement ring. For you who still confuse about it, you can read some information below.

Choosing Engagement Ring

Engagement day and wedding day are important days for a woman. To perfect these days, you have to give special thing—a ring. Talking about the engagement ring, there are so many types of engagement rings that can be your choice.

But, you have to know about your girl’s passion to make you easy when choosing the best engagement ring for your girl.

Nowadays, you can choose an engagement ring that will fit wedding band. Finally, your girl can use 2 rings on the same ring finger. It will make your girl always remember about her special days. Actually, choosing the engagement ring is not difficult because you will find so many types of the engagement ring for your beloved girl.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Diamond Shape

The diamond ring is usually chosen by man to propose their special girl. Are you one of the men who have the same plan? Before buying the diamond ring as an engagement ring, you can consider about diamond shape. Nowadays, there are popular diamond shapes to be inserted in an engagement ring.

Some popular diamond shapes that can be your recommendation are round shape and princes’ shape. You can choose a diamond shape that you think it will match with your girl’s personality. But if you want to buy another shape, emerald and radiant are other diamond shapes that can be your recommendation.

  • Unique Gems

Although diamond is often used for an engagement ring, it doesn’t mean that other gems can’t be used for an engagement ring. Not every woman will like the diamond. Sometimes, they like their birthstone. So, birthstone can be your recommendation to choose the engagement ring.

Choosing Custom Wedding Band

Now, let’s we talk about custom wedding band to fit engagement ring. Actual, there are some recommended wedding bands, such as below:

  • Thinker Band

It is a type of wedding band that usually becomes the choice of many people. It looks beautiful, but also glamour and modern.

  • Stylized Band

Compare to other wedding band type, it is a type of wedding band that looks so artistic. If you like a unique wedding band, this type can be your recommendation.

  • Multi-metal Band

This band combines two types of metals, which are white gold and yellow gold. So, this wedding band looks so beautiful and elegant.

  • Split Shank Band

It is another type of wedding band that looks so beautiful and popular. It can be used for an engagement ring and wedding ring, but the price is high enough.

Well, those are some information for you about custom wedding band to fit engagement ring, and hopefully, the information will be useful for you.

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