Choosing the Right Giant Wedding Ring

Choosing your wedding is a serious task, thus, ensure you have put all of your consideration so that you can get the best wedding ring (giant wedding ring is one of the best options)! If you have fat or chubby fingers and currently looking for a perfect wedding ring that fits your size, then giant wedding ring is your answer.

Commonly, you just need to look at the ring before you put it on your finger and it often appears not proportionate enough for a small diamond ring set to be put into a large finger size.

In addition, usually, an average or small hand will require around 5mm wedding ring. Meanwhile, for a larger hand ideally requires a 6mm or 7mm for the similar effect. Below are some other tips to choose the best giant wedding ring you can follow.

  • Set the Budget

The very first thing you ought to consider in choosing the best wedding ring is by setting your budget. When setting your budget, make sure that you include the wedding ring in it. As you will wear your wedding ring forever, it would be nice to spend higher budget that makes it different from your regular jewelry.

However, if you are on a limited budget, then you can also try other alternatives rather than regular one. Thus, it is fundamentally important to match both your style and your finger

  • Determine the Size

A 0.70cts above is the best of the diamond size that suitable for a large hand. The higher the carat size, the higher the budget you need to spend for your wedding ring. in fact, the 2carat diamond will leave a significant look on the large hand.

  • Works Well to Those with Wider Shoulder

It is actually not easy to find giant wedding ring, but, you should consider choosing split shoulders.

  • The Shape

It is commonly believed that diamond ring will affect the appearance of your finger. If a 1 carat stone ring in a single design is not your type, another option you can try is the carat weight spread across a cluster ring.

This design tends to have more affordable price than what single diamond rings have to offer of an equivalent weight and also have a larger shape that allows more diamonds across a larger setting.

Wider shoulders can also become the best option, especially for you with larger fingers, even though they are hard to find. In case you do not really like the design, you can also try split shoulders with some designs fork.

Or else, diamond shape is another option that you can try with will be put exactly in the center on the proximal phalange without covering the whole section of your finger.

Those are all the 4 top tips that you need to consider and know before you choose the right giant wedding ring for large finger sizes including budget setting, determine the size as well as the right shape and perfect to be worn with the wider shoulder.

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