Choosing Wedding Band for Princess Cut Ring

For you who have been engaged, and continue the process of marriage, you will get the wedding band. How about the engagement ring?

Some people might think to take off the engagement ring and replace it with the wedding band. However, some people also might think to use both engagement ring and wedding band on a set.

For an engagement ring, commonly, it will use giant diamond as the decoration. For the diamond, there are some types of cut that are used.

Princess cut ring is one of the most popular cut shapes for diamond. You might wonder how to find a suitable wedding band for princess cut ring.

What is Princess Cut?

Princess cut is a type of cut shape for diamond. Giant diamond is commonly used in the engagement ring. The diamond that will be used in the engagement ring will be cut and shaped.

Princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamond after the round brilliant cut. In the princess cut, the diamond will be cut square or rectangle.

The princess cut is relatively cheaper than round brilliant cut because it will retain 80% of the rough diamond.

The Importance of Choosing Band for Princess Cut Ring

For you who are planning to wear a wedding band and princess cut diamond engagement ring together on your ring finger, you need to understand the importance of choosing or matching the wedding band for the princess cut ring.

You need to choose the suitable wedding band that nicely matches with the princess cut ring. When wedding band and princess cut ring is perfectly matched, the combination will look so beautiful.

However, when you are careful enough in matching the wedding band and the engagement ring, it can look terrible and also influence how you look.


In choosing wedding band for princess cut ring, there are some factors that should be considered carefully in order to get the beautiful combination of both wedding band and engagement ring.

First things that should be considered is the metal that is used in the wedding band. In choosing the wedding band, you need to find a wedding band that is made of metal that relatively similar to the princess cut ring.

There are some options of metal that can be used such as sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, titanium, stainless steel, and other metal.

The most safety way to match the wedding band and princess cut ring are by choosing the same metal. It will match perfectly.

When you cannot afford the same metal, at least, you can choose the same color. White gold and sterling silver will quite similar to match.

In choosing wedding band for princess cut ring, you need also to consider the decoration of wedding band that match with the princess cut ring.

It is recommended to choose a wedding band that decorated with some small diamonds which are cut and craft similarly with the princess cut ring.

The number wedding band in the set also needs to be considered carefully. For you who have a short finger, it is better not to use too many rings in the set.

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