Cultural Symbolism in Native American Wedding Rings

For you who are planning to marry and looking for a wedding ring, Native American wedding rings can be a good option that you can choose for your special moments.

The wedding ring has become an important part of marriage. The rings are symbolized as a binder of two individuals that love each other.

Commonly, when you use wedding rings, it means that you are telling the others that you have married. Uninterrupted circle-shape of the ring also symbolized an inseparable relationship among couple who wear the rings.

However, finding the perfect and suitable wedding rings can be quite difficult and stressful, in term of the design, material, and most of the time about the cost.

People tend to use gold for their wedding rings. That is one of the bigger factors why wedding can be expensive. Some people even add precious stones such as diamond that make the price even higher.

It becomes a serious problem for you who have a limited budget for the wedding rings. This rings can be a smart choice for you who look for an affordable wedding ring but still beautiful and meaningful.

Tradition, Spiritual and Cultural Symbol

Native American wedding rings can be very meaningful. They are very rich in tradition, spiritual and cultural symbolism. Every design that crafted in the rings has a deep meaningful relationship between nature and cultural symbolism.

That’s why you can find many natural symbolisms such animals, leaf, spirit and cultural shapes or ornaments.  For example, you can find wolf, hawk, feather and sun designs that are associated with Native American culture.

Those symbolisms can be associated with marriage. It is crafted beautifully and meaningfully for the couples. This rings also can be used to symbolize your love and cultural heritage at the same time.

Less Expensive

Sterling silver is a metal material that is commonly used for crafting Native American wedding rings. Sterling silver is a durable material that also supports natural symbolism.

The benefit of using sterling silver means that you can save your budget on the wedding rings. Sterling silver is less expensive than gold.

Besides sterling silver, we can also use another metal such as stainless steel. This metal is even cheaper than sterling silver but it will give the same aesthetic result.

The Stones

We also use stones as the additional ornaments. However, commonly it will use natural stones that relatively less expensive than a diamond.

Commonly, this rings use classic turquoise stone. It is a soft blue stone that will give authentic quality for the rings. Some other natural stones such as coral, opal and onyx stone are commonly used.

Those are some characteristic of native American wedding rings. Commonly, it will be less expensive due to the materials that are used to craft the rings.

However, it doesn’t reduce the beauty of the rings. So you don’t have to worry about buying this wedding rings. Native American wedding rings offer you affordable wedding rings that give you a beauty of cultural and traditional symbolism in every detail.

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