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David Yurman engagement rings have been known as among the best ones in his collection. He is a talented jewelry designer with dainty jewelry collections. His most popular collections are he always makes great choices for showing off to the world about the love, commitment, and passion that the couple has. Forget about the boring plain engagement rings because Yurman always has something new and original to create just the perfect engagement ring. Yes, the ring is considered expensive with the least price of around $7.500 but the quality, design, and beauty are worth the price thanks to eternal beauty the ring offers.

Custom Made Engagement Ring

So, what makes the engagement rings from David Yurman different to other rings? The fact that each engagement ring is custom made is enough already to explain. In other words, each ring is different and has its own characters and design that reflect the bride’s personality and personal taste. And, this is just the reason why the price is way much higher than ready to buy engagement rings. When it comes to custom made, it means the ring also has different material including yellow gold, white gold and also platinum. Each metal has a different appearance to fit the bride’s taste.

Despite having been only in the jewelry industry for less than 10 years starting from 2010, David Yurman has already proved his exceptional talent in designing and creating the most beautiful jewelry collection including engagement rings. Every piece of his collection carries the classic notion of elegance and romanticism featured in various iconic motif and design. Yurman himself has a wide selection of gemstone to be added to the jewelry from ruby, diamond, sapphire, emerald and also birthstone. Brides are the lucky ones thanks to various rings to select.

Latest Collection of David Yurman Engagement Rings

So, are you curious of how beautiful the latest collection of engagement rings from David Yurman? Well, what about the Gallery Cable engagement ring which features single band diamond ring with simple design and genteel look. But look closer because it has secret luxury thanks to its pave diamond underneath. Your fiancée will love it so much.

The Halo engagement ring makes another very impressive ring for engagement. This comes with a fully characterized Yurman twist with the cable band that represents his signature style. This ring definitely makes a dainty ring for celebrating your love and relationship.

Already available in the market is the Diamond Crossover engagement ring which is offered at more than $11.500. This particular ring comes with criss-cross double cable hand and huge stone studded in the middle. It even has the beautiful pave diamond accent to give the ring extra glamour. This ring makes a standout piece which is perfect for women. Guaranteed your fiancée will fall for it right away and will want to wear the ring 24/7. You and other bride-to-be have more stunning options to choose to make your memorable day unforgettable thanks to his various collections of David Yurman engagement rings.

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