Five Ideas of 5000 Dollar Wedding Ring

5000 dollar wedding ring or less – When we talk about wedding rings particularly those with gemstones like diamonds, sapphire, or ruby, we agree that most of them are quite expensive.

It is not a big deal by remembering that wistfully, the wedding should be only done once in a lifetime. However, it also means that we must spend much money just for the ring. It is actually something that you should not worry about that much.

In fact, there are kinds of wedding rings that are affordable enough since you can just spend around 5000 dollars or less.

Plain Shank Princess-Cut Halo Ring, $4,919

This ring is made from white silver with carat weight of 0.77. The design is classic yet simple. With thin halo ring shape, it can just make your finger look elegant.

More than that, it is still added by tiny diamonds around the ring as well as the bigger one in the middle. You must not worry, although the price is considered as affordable, all the diamonds used here are a high quality with a high level of clarity.

Baguette Emerald-Shape Ring with Diamonds, $4,995

Are you a lover of vintage style? Well, this one is a really good idea to beautify your wedding more. It is a wider halo ring with some tiny diamonds around. Similar to the previous wedding ring explained, the body of the ring is also made from white gold.

What makes this ring more unique is due to the emerald-shape of garnish in the middle. This is still made from white gold that is layered by a bigger diamond as well as smaller diamonds around. The diamonds used to beautify this Baguette ring is 1.01 carat.

Neil Lane’s Pear-Cut Diamond Ring, $3,999

This ring from Neil Lane seems suitable for you who love the idea of classic or vintage. Being inspired by the classic European style like the eras of Middle Age and Renaissance, it is so stunningly unique.

However, it still has a touch of contemporary also proven by the application of white metallic color as the body. The ring consists of two rings stacked at once with wavy shaping.

Meanwhile, the body is also full of diamonds with the larger one in the middle. Just like the name, the large diamond is cut in the pear shape.

Platinum Floral Halo Ring from Monique Lhuillier, $4,930

This ring looks so feminine with the floral shape and pattern throughout the body. It is from platinum garnished by pave set round diamonds. The diamonds spreading on the body are small enough while the bigger one is placed in the middle.

Vintage Collection Diamond and Ruby Ring, $4,500

Do you want any other gemstones to be added to your wedding ring? If yes, this is a good choice anyway. It is due to the application of ruby surrounding the big diamond in the middle.

This ring adapts the vintage style although the design is simple generally. With the white gold applied, it is a great idea for 5000 dollar wedding ring or less.

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