Five of the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring

Looking at this list of world’s most expensive wedding ring will make your eyes green with jealousy. But above all, curious. It has long been thought that the engagement ring is the reflection of the love of the man who gives it to you.

The belief behind this is when a man loves you dearly, they will strive to always give you anything to make you happy. Asking your hand in marriage with a piece of jewelry which costs more than three months worth of his salary is perhaps one of the best way to show it.

And the following list is a compilation of the most expensive ring given by some of the wealthiest men on earth.

1. Blue Diamond Ring, Designed by Neil Lane

Owned by Jennifer Lopez from her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, the diamond ring does not only come with a dazzling 8.5 carat diamond but also with one of the most prized type of jewel in the world.

Yes, blue diamond is indeed largely considered as one of the rarest precious stones. Neil Lane beautifully designed the ring with its massive diamond as the centerpiece and mounted it on a stunning polished metal. The ring is worth 4-million dollars.

2. Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond Ring

Presented to Grace Kelly, the 10.47 carats diamond was the symbol of Prince Rainier III’s love to his beautiful wife.

Ranked fourth in the World’s Most Expensive Wedding Ring list, the ring features two diamond baguettes on each of its sides and the gigantic emerald-cut diamond in the center.

The cost of this stunning Cartier diamond ring is approximately 4.06-million dollars.

3. Gold Diamond-Encrusted Ring

Although the engagement of Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis did not stand a chance and wedding was soon called off, this 24 carat of a white gold ring with a large rectangular shaped diamond as the centerpiece will forever be remembered as one of the most expensive ring in the world.

However, it is worth noting that the ring which costs about 4.7-million dollars was sold to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

4. Platinum Diamond Ring by Lorraine Schwartz

Rapper Jay-Z and singer, Beyonce, may not talk about their marriage life to the public, but the love of this power couple can clearly be seen in the piece of jewelry wrapped beautifully around Beyonce’s finger.

Yes, it is hard to miss the ring because of how massive the diamond is. This Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring is decorated with an enormous diamond in octagon-cut weighing 18 carats.

Worth 5-million dollars, the ring is known as the 2nd most expensive ring and the most expensive ring in modern history.

5. Asscher-cut Krupp Diamond Ring

Richard Burton wanted to give all the best in the world for his one true love, Elizabeth Taylor, and he succeeded in doing so with this one-of-a-kind Krupp diamond ring.

The diamond itself weighs 33.19 carats and even up to this day, this Asscher-cut diamond mounted atop the delicate metal is still known as the most transparent and purest type of diamond in the world.

The ring was sold to an Asian collector and is reportedly worth 8.8-million dollars, making it the world’s most expensive wedding ring.

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