Get Closer to Behati Prinsloo Wedding Ring

Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine marriage have become worldwide trending topic that discussed by many people. It is quite reasonable because both of them are very famous. Adam Levine is well known as a singer of one of the most successful and popular in this era, Maroon 5.

The bride, Behati Prinsloo is a top model in one of the most popular fashion house, Victory Secret. They were engaged in July 2013 and the wedding was held on July 19, 2014. There are many interesting facts that can be discussed from their wedding. Behati Prinsloo wedding ring is one of them.

Behati Prinsloo Wedding Ring

In every marriage, wedding ring has become one of the most important items that should be prepared. Besides becoming the clear sign of a marriage, a wedding ring is a sacred bond that unites two individuals. In Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine marriage, Behati Prinsloo wedding ring is something that wants to be known by the public.

It might be influenced by the engagement ring that Adam Levine gave to Behati Prinsloo when they were engaged. The beautiful engagement ring is decorated with a giant diamond. People cannot wait to see what kind of wedding ring that Adam Levine will give to Behati Prinsloo

Based on some photos on the internet that show her wedding ring, the wedding ring looks quite simple and vintage, but it is beautiful. The ring is decorated with some small diamonds all around the ring. In some occasion, Behati seems to wear the engagement and wedding ring together.

The wedding ring is worn behind the engagement one. The combination of giant diamond and some small diamond looks very beautiful and it doesn’t look exaggerating. It will be quite exaggerating when both engagement and wedding ring use giant diamond and set high, especially when it is worn together on the same finger.

Wedding Ring Tattoo

Besides the engagement and wedding ring, there is another interesting thing that discussed by people. In some occasions, Behati also shows her wedding ring tattoo. Her wedding ring tattoo is three unique dots that vertically line in her wedding ring finger.

The wedding ring tattoo is made to show her everlasting devotion to her husband. Behati said that the tattoo means that being one with the earth. The wedding ring can be taken off, but the tattoo is still there no matter what. It might mean that her love for her husband has already become a part of her life.

Behati is not the only celebrity that makes wedding ring tattoo. Some celebrity such as Beyonce and Dax Sheppard also have wedding ring tattoo on their finger.

Those are some interesting fact about Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo marriage, especially in Behati Prinsloo wedding ring. You can use this information as a reference in choosing wedding ring, especially for you who want to wear your wedding ring along with the engagement ring.

Wedding ring tattoo can also become an interesting alternative for you who want to extremely show your devotion to the one you love.

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