Guide to Design Nature Inspired Wedding Rings

Many couples actually love to go back to nature when it comes to determining the theme of their wedding. With this theme, they may prefer to hold the ceremony in an open space with fresh air and beautiful scenery instead of inside a church or other confined places.

They may use all natural elements to decorate their wedding venue, they may wear a nature-inspired wedding dress, and—the most important of all—they may love to wear nature inspired wedding rings when they finally say “I do.”

Why Nature-Inspired Theme?

There are many reasons why picking nature theme is a great idea. Nature carries various beautiful meanings. Nature may mean freshness, purity, honesty, longevity, love, health, and happiness.

Among others, all of which are essential meanings that are perfect to signify the solemnness of a wedding ceremony. Some people love to wear nature inspired wedding rings simply because they are nature-lovers.

The wedding ceremony is the most lovable event in a lifetime, so incorporating something that they love the most in such event is considered an excellent idea.

Nature-Inspired Designs for Your Wedding Rings

There are many ingenious designs available if you want to design nature inspired wedding rings for you and your bride.

The designs incorporate different types of material and setting for the ring. Take a look at the designs below and pick one that is deemed the best for your wedding rings.

A. Plain Rings with Nature-Inspired Engraving

This design is the simplest to use if you want to design nature inspired wedding rings. The rings appear very much similar to other plain wedding rings, except that they have nature-inspired engraving on the surface of the band.

The engraving may depict anything natural, such as wreath of laurels, ivies and floral bouquet. Both rings for the bride and the groom may depict either similar or different engraving.

B. Rings with Nature-Inspired Band

These nature inspired wedding rings have a band consisting of twisting, meandering and interlocking metallic vines that go in a full circle.

The rings can be either plain or decorated with gems. There might or might not be a central pronged gem. If there is one, the prong may have nature-inspired shapes, such as rose, lily, and tulip.

It is also possible to design “his and her” rings with this design whereby the groom’s ring is plain and the bride’s ring is decorated with a pronged gem.

C. Plain Resin Rings with Flower Decoration Inside

Nature-inspired wedding rings don’t necessarily have to be made from precious metals. In fact, you can actually design such rings without using any expensive precious materials.

And if you have a strong awareness of the negative environmental impact of precious metal and precious gem mining, you will certainly avoid those materials.

Using clear resin with natural decoration embedded inside is a great alternative. The crystal-clear resin band looks elegant around your finger.

The tiny flowers, leaves, and vines inside the resin will become evergreen plants that appear fresh and alive perpetually, just like your love.

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