How Much Are Promise Rings Today?

How much are promise rings? The short answer to this question is that the ring’s price may range from around $200 to around $2,000, depending on the ring’s design and materials. That’s the price for one ring. If you buy a pair of rings that can be worn by both you and the one you love, you can double that price.

If you look closely at the price range above, you know that the estimated price of a promise ring is almost the same with that of engagement or wedding ring.

If you plan to buy a promise ring and to pay it with the right price, be sure that you know factors that determine the price and how to make the ring different from engagement or wedding ring.

3 Factors that Determine the Price of a Promise Ring

Considering that the difference in price between promise and engagement or wedding ring is not very significant, factors that determine the price of a promise ring are generally the same with those of an engagement or wedding ring. Check the list below to learn more about them.

  1. Material

The type of material you choose for the ring’s band and decoration determines how much money that you have to spend to buy a promise ring.

Silver and titanium for the band and crystals for the decoration sit at the lower ends whereas platinum, gold, and diamond are considered the most expensive in the price range.

  1. Design

The complexity of the design, the settings, and even the designer determine the ring’s price. More intricately decorated rings are generally more expensive, with the bespoke ring being the most expensive due to its uniquely customized design.

Rings sold by famous designers, such as Cartier and Vera Wang, also tend to be more expensive than non-branded models.

  1. Labor

Jeweler’s and seller’s labor also determine the price, but it is mostly beyond your control. You can deal with the labor only if you order a custom-made ring. You can negotiate with the jeweler concerning the cost for designing the ring.

How to Make Promise Ring Different from Engagement Ring

Although a promise ring costs very much the same with an engagement ring does, both rings must be made different. Don’t make the one you give the ring to think that you are giving her an engagement ring just because the ring simply looks like an engagement ring.

A promise ring is generally smaller than an engagement ring but more decorated, so keep it that way. You don’t need to surprise your beloved one when giving a promise ring. Don’t get on your knees as she may think that you are proposing her for an engagement.

Doing so will put you and her in an awkward situation because when you try to explain the real situation and to correct her misunderstanding, her feeling will certainly be hurt.

If you already understand how much are promise rings, be sure that every dime you spend counts by avoiding this kind of misunderstanding.

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