How Much Do You Spend On A Wedding Ring?

For a couple who are going to get married, the question of ‘How much do you spend on a wedding ring?’ is probably the most common type of question popping up in their mind. For lots of couples, the price of the wedding ring might also become one thing they want to decide carefully; whether it is too expensive or too cheap to go with this ring.

If you are facing this kind of situation as well, here this article will give a little help to brighten up your mind.

In deciding the amount of price of a wedding ring, it is important for you to mind about some factors you need to consider. In holding a wedding ceremony, every couple must want to give the best. Some of them want to make a big ceremony, as it will be a great moment for them, their relatives as well as friends to remember.

Directly, the budget they need to spend will also be related to the budget they can spend on the wedding ring. If we go with the same amount, it will be a very unfair thing, since every couple has a different salary. Therefore, counting the budget of a wedding ring from the salary is one easy thing to decide how much do you spend on a wedding ring.

Purchasing a Wedding Ring Based on Your One Month’s Salary

In this matter, many people point out several different opinions. The first group said that three months salary is the perfect amount to decide the price of wedding ring to purchase. However, it will not be a good decision if you are a type of person who are having a debt or even concerned about the security of your job.

Purchasing a Wedding Ring Based on Your Two Month’s Salary

In contrast, there is also another group of people who could not agree more to just spending the one month salary to buy the wedding ring. If you, as well as your couple, are a type of person, who hoped to save more for your marriage life in the future, this option might serve you the best choice.

Purchasing a Wedding Ring Based on Your Three Month’s Salary

On the other hand, if you cannot have a full 100% opinion to agree the two previous suggestions, this one might be the best to go. If you think that three months salary is too much but one month salary seems too skimpy, you can also choose to spend the two months salary you get to buy your wedding ring.

This option certainly will not give you a wreck of your finance and still give you valuable wedding ring you will remember.

However, you need to underline that every people have his or her own situation. Therefore, you can just go with your own belief and do not go with the suggestions above.  As you are the one who knows your finance condition, it is also who know how much do you spend on a wedding ring, which will not break your finance.

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