How Much Should a Promise Ring Cost?

How much should a promise ring cost? A promise ring is generally smaller than an engagement ring but more decorated. Therefore, although the material of the band does affect the price of a promise ring, the decoration that it uses becomes the most determining factor that affects its price.

If you plan to buy a promise ring, you need to know the right time to buy it and all factors that determine its price.

When to Buy a Promise Ring?

Understanding what promise ring is and what its purposes will help you determine the right time to buy it and to give it to someone you love. Promise ring, as the name implies, is a ring that symbolizes a solemn promise or commitment that you make with someone you love.

The promise ring is usually given by a young person to his girlfriend as a symbol of a pledge he makes. The pledge can be of any kinds, such as a pledge to remain abstinence until marriage or a pledge to remain monogamous. This ring is not necessarily given by a man to his girlfriend.

It can also be exchanged between a loving couple. When is the right time to buy a promise ring? When you deem it necessary to establish a concrete symbol of your commitment, you know that buying a promise ring is necessary.

Factors that Determine the Price of a Promise Ring

There are several factors that determine how much a promise ring costs.

  1. Band Material

Although a promise ring is smaller than an engagement ring, the band still determines its cost. A gold band is obviously more expensive than the silver band and the platinum band remains on the top in terms of price. Because the band is rather small, choosing band made from precious metal is a more desirable choice.

Due to the small size of the band, the price difference between precious metal and its cheaper counterpart is rather small. It is better to pick solid precious metal than coated one for a small extra price because the later may discolor and irritate your skin.

Remember that promise ring is meant to be worn over a long period of time. If the band’s material is irritating, it will become a torment instead of a blessing.

  1. Stone

Any kinds of stone, ranging from precious gemstones to crystals, can be used to decorate the ring. Normally, customers are looking for precious gemstone for their promise ring to accentuate the seriousness of their promise and commitment.

However, because the majority of promise ring buyers are young people with limited budget, picking cheaper stones, such as semi-precious stones and crystals, is considered a reasonable decision. The ring will still look great with cheap crystals decorating it.

  1. Design

Design greatly determines the price. A bespoke ring, a ring with intricate design, or a ring made by a famous designer is obviously more expensive than average. If you want to know how much should a promise ring cost, make sure that you take the ring’s design into consideration.

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