How Much Should An Engagement Ring Cost?

How much should an engagement ring cost is depend on how small or big your budget. Most often, we heard that the standard cost is around $5,000 but can’t we get smaller cost than that? What we should know first is that engagement ring is a matter of personal choice and realistic budget. Actually, we still can get less than $5,000 but of course, there is compensation about size or design or model. The stock is also another thing that makes “less than $5,000” seems near impossible.

Now, what we want to do on our article is to guide you to get what suits your own budget and your own personal choice. We don’t want you to get too much expensive ring for your limited budget or don’t want you to feel disappointed or regret because you already bought the wrong ring. Here are some tips and tricks, both for a small and big budget!

Engagement Ring Cost For Small Budget

For a small budget, usually, your consideration is to get engagement ring below $5,000. The less is better. But remember to always check the stores earlier even months for your engagement days. Comparison and ring-testing will be better if you do it earlier, usually, the price is more various.

For a small budget, you can get engagement rings with a good price around $3,000 to $1,000! For example, cut diamond and emerald diamond are two best example of the engagement ring that suits your budget.

Engagement Ring Cost For Big Budget

What about a big budget? It seems free and easy to decide what kind of engagement ring you want because you have a big budget about it. But don’t get it wrong because many people with the big budget get wrong or uncomfortable engagement ring because of their mistakes. With a big budget, you still need to stick with what you need: an engagement ring that suits your style and personal choice also will suit your couple’s hand.

Usually, people with a big budget will get ring cost around  $5,000 or $10,000, so we can say that the options are more varied than people with a small budget. First, make sure to get an engagement ring that suits your wedding design and style, or something with a high grand design that will be your couple’s favorite. The most important thing is to do some ring-testing and check the size that suits your couple’s finger. Some rings are also “waiting list” or easy to “out of stock” so make sure you pay it before it is too late.

Extra Tips To Save Your Money And Handle Your Budget

Another thing you should remember is to always note the detail of your budget: includes preparation, cost lists of your wedding days, also about which engagement ring you consider to buy. Compare each cost so you will make sure which to buy, also don’t force the ring if it doesn’t suit your couple’s hand.

Overall, we wish you to think and act responsibly about choosing your engagement ring. Because it will be a symbol of your forever love and marriage, of course, you want the ideal ring that suits your own budget and also your personal taste. In the end, thank you for reading our article about how much should an engagement ring cost.

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