How Much Should You Spend On A Wedding Ring?

How much should you spend on a wedding ring is one of the big question that you need to think about during the wedding preparation. Even though there are numerous options to choose, rules for choosing wedding ring sometimes can be devastating and frustrating.

Getting some inspirations from celebrity wedding rings sounds to be a great idea but it will lead you to spend a big budget. Buying good quality of wedding ring without breaking your saving is something that you can achieve if you consider some things that will affect the price.

Here some important rules you need to know before purchasing a wedding ring.

3 Months Salary

There are some experts which state that ideal price of wedding ring is actually the purchaser’s three months’ salary. There is no clear evidence why this rule of thumb gets started but there are quite numerous people which known to follow this rule.

The number of three months’ salary is often is quite big so that spending this amount to buy a wedding ring actually can give us an expectation on how beautiful and special the piece of the ring is.

Another thing which might be tolerated in this rule is when the purchaser is stick on a big debt or worry about the security of the job, then the amount of money required to spend on the ring can be reduced a little bit.

1 Month Salary

Even though three months’ salary rule has quite many followers, there is a more popular rule on how much should you spend on a wedding ring based on the salary. There is also another belief among people which state amount of money needs to spend when buying a wedding ring is one month salary.

This rule of thumb is actually a lot easier. The campaign of spending one month salary to buy a wedding ring has spread in America back then. This rule is really beneficial for those who want to buy wedding ring but at the same time also want to save their money.

Split Difference

If three months salary is too big while one month salary is too easy, then there is still more wise thought that recommends the buyer to make the rule a bit softer by choosing to spend two months salary. This alternative rule is a great choice especially if you want to get a quite fancy piece of wedding ring without sacrificing your savings.

Keep Stick to The Average Cost

When you do not want to use salary rule to purchase a wedding ring, then you can use another rule which is easier for you to afford such as buying a piece based on the average cost of wedding ring itself in the market. Each region might have different average ring cost to other regions.

You can give the information to the bride and suggest on purchasing her a wedding ring in an average amount. She might have her own personal preference but discussing with her about it can give you the fairer amount on how much should you spend on a wedding ring.

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