How to Design Custom Promise Rings for Her?

Giving custom promise rings for her is the best way to show your commitment. The promise ring is a symbol of a promise or commitment you make. If you want to tell her that you will—for example—remain monogamous, this kind of ring can represent the pledge and symbolize it.

There are generic promise rings that you can buy from jewelry stores. Designing a custom ring is definitely a better idea as doing so will make the ring more unique and meaningful, just like the commitment you make. Here are factors to consider if you want to design custom promise rings for her.

  1. Budget

The price of a promise ring ranges from $200 to $2,000. For most people, one-month salary is enough to buy a fancy promise ring, but some experts, such as, recommend that you save about three full months’ salary to buy a promise ring.

If you prefer the middle way, you can save two months’ salary to buy the ring. Regardless, the most important thing is that you should be able to maintain your financial security after you buy the ring. Don’t let your desire to buy the ring wreck your finances.

  1. Band’s material

Next, you need to pay attention to the material of the band. Because promise ring has a relatively small band and because the one who receives it will wear it over a long period of time, choosing precious solid metals like gold and platinum is both a cost-effective and an excellent decision.

Despite the preciousness of the metal, you don’t actually spend a lot of money for the metal because the band is small. Solid metal is also better for the skin of a person who will wear the ring over an extended period because solid metal doesn’t wear away and doesn’t cause irritation.

  1. Stone

The focus of a promise ring is on its decoration, so make sure that you design the best decoration for your ring. In terms of material, there are many options that you can choose from. Diamond is always the best choice, but if budget restricts you, you can always pick cheaper stones like cubic zirconia or even crystal.

In fact, you can amaze the one you love if you put a birthstone on the ring. Birthstone is associated with the recipient’s birthday, so she will be happy to receive a ring with such stone on it.

  1. Design

There are many design elements that you can consider when designing the ring. When you consult a jeweler who will design your ring, you can check their portfolio to see all ring settings that they can work on. You may also want to add engraving that states your promise or commitment to the ring to remind both you and her about it.

If you know anything about her taste of fashion, you can take it into consideration when designing the ring. With enough research on her preferences, you should be able to design the most special custom promise rings for her.

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