How to Design Hippie Wedding Rings

Hippie movement and lifestyle is often considered counterculture. However, in reality, it actually has helped shape the world culture. Being a hippie is no longer considered unconventional, quirky and idiosyncratic.

In fact, you can incorporate hippie culture in all events that are considered formal, including a wedding. If you consider yourself a hippie or if you think that hippie culture is attractive, you can exploit hippie theme in your wedding.

There are several ways to apply this theme to your wedding. You can have the bride wear a floral headband instead of traditional wedding cloak. Celebrate the ceremony in an open space instead of in the confined room of a church.

Say your oath under a floral arch, use colorful Tibetan flags as decoration, and even park a hippie truck and use it for entertainment purpose.

When it comes to choosing the rings for your wedding, you can design your own hippie wedding rings that can be worn by both the bride and the groom. Here we will explore some great ideas to design hippie-inspired rings for your wedding.

Plain Wedding Bands with Hippie Styles

You can design a hippie ring by embedding hippie symbolism in a standard wedding band or ring. If you have a pair of plain wedding bands made from any precious metal you like, you can transform them into hippie wedding rings by adding engraving depicting hippie symbol to them.

There are various symbols that are associated with hippie lifestyles, such as the peace sign or CND sign, the Hindu Aum or Om symbol, or even the image of a cannabis leaf.

The engraving is enough to make the band appears hippie-inspired.

Intricately Decorated Wedding Rings with Hippie Elements

If you prefer to wear more beautifully decorated rings, you can design hippie wedding rings with a particular ring setting. You can, for example, design solitaire rings with a large gem-filled CND sign as their centerpiece.

Hippies are also known to enjoy wearing rings with a large oval semiprecious gem like jade, peridot or lapis lazuli in their center. If you want, you can wear such unusual wedding rings during your wedding ceremony.

Generic rings that use hippie decorations are available at many jewelry stores, online or local, and stores that sell hippie stuff.

If you cannot find ones, you can always have a designer design custom rings for the bride and the groom.

Nature-Inspired Wedding Rings

Undeniably, hippies are nature lovers, so nature-inspired wedding rings will work for them. There are many ways to incorporate natural elements in the design of your hippie wedding rings.

You can design laurel-shaped rings, a pair of metal rings with vine-like bands or clear resin rings with floral decorations embedded in them.

If you decide to wear wedding rings with a semiprecious gem attached to them, you can shape the gem to look like a leaf, a cannabis leaf, or any other shapes that become the representations of nature.

There are many excellent ideas to design hippie wedding rings. Because hippies use a lot of symbols, it should be easy for you to decide how your wedding rings should appear in order to make them carry hippie messages.

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