How to Give Someone a Promise Ring Properly?

Are you going to give the woman you love a promise ring? If the answer is yes, that would be very nice. We know the feeling when you have found the woman who will accompany you to live your life. There must be a lot of happiness when you realize that.

However, if you are a person who doesn’t have a braveness to do such a thing, this may be very helpful for you. To give a promise ring, there are some tips that you have to know. Here, you don’t need to be worried anymore because we will help you know how to give someone a promise ring.

Choosing the Ring

This is the first thing that you must have before proposing a woman. Here, you need to buy a ring which is suitable for the woman you love. When the ring is always related to the diamond, you don’t need to buy a ring which has a diamond.

Why? Because it’s just a promise symbol and you have no idea about what will happen later on. On the other hand, it is better for you to know what your woman really likes in a ring. If you have no idea about it, you can ask for a help to her friends. But, you have to make sure that her friends will keep the secret.

Make it as a Gift

As we know, wrap a promise ring and give it as a gift is the best way you can do. Here, you can wrap a promise ring in a box and give it to your girlfriend on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday. However, you have to be there when your girlfriend opens the gift.

Why? Because you can explain why you give it to her and you can show that your love is sincere. Besides, if you are dating, you can give a promise ring when you celebrate a year anniversary. In addition, you can also give a promise ring when you are having a dinner with her.

Say Some Words About Your Love

Before giving a promise ring, it is better for you to give some words of love to her. Here, if you have no braveness to do such a thing, you have to force yourself. Besides, it will make you level up – because your girlfriend will be proud of you.

For example, you can say some words like “this ring, is a symbol that shows my commitment and love is only for you, and for our future.” Not only that, you can also go browsing on the internet if you have no words to say. In addition, you can be spontaneous if you think this is the best way how you express your love.

Is There Any Thing I Can Do?

If you want to make some improvements, you can ask her to go for a walk on the beach or other romantic places. Besides, you can also add the flowers when you want to give a promise ring. The point about how to give someone a promise ring is, you have to make it becomes memorable for her.

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