Jared Promise Rings – The Real Promise Ring

Jared promise rings are just one of the brands for promise ring available in the market designed both for men and women.

But what is the real meaning of promise ring? Which finger will use the ring? You will hear so many words about this kind of ring starting from promise ring, pre-engagement ring, commitment ring, purity ring, and much more.

Of course, it leads to some confusion. So, before you buy one for your girl or boy, it is important to know the real meaning of promise ring.

What is a Promise Ring?

I will say that the definition of this term is so varied. But in general speaking, a promise ring is used for the commitment symbol.

Many couples will prefer it as the sign the engagement in the future, while the other will use it simply as the devotion of one to another.

Based on the name, promise ring tells that the promise has been made. More than anything, the ring is basically a symbol that a person is committed to another which is really important.

Some people will also consider that it tells everyone in the world that they are together but not ready to step onto the bigger stage like marriage.

But of course, the promise rings also ensure everyone who wears it that their relationship is more than just sharing the house and the bills.

The Style of A Promise Ring

It is obvious that the meaning or promise ring is not as same as the engagement rings. But promise ring deserves to be treated lightly.

This ring will be given to the significant other after a certain amount of dating time. The chemistry should also be huger since you two have through a lot.

The ring also carries the serious intention of you to the lady or the man that you have dated.

When we are talking about the style of the ring, any style of ring can be the promise ring. There are several popular themes that commonly used for the promise rings.

The popular styles are such as eternity, hearts, some intertwined things, or the band with the mosaic stone in the center.

Most people will choose a style that will not compete with the engagement ring. But of course, it is up to you. You can browse for more style of promise rings on the internet.

The Price of A Promise Ring

Since this ring is not the engagement ring, promise ring does not apply certain style or guidelines especially the price that should be paid if you want to call the ring as a promise ring.

But the price is varied. It starts from 199 US dollars up to 2,000 US dollars, depends on the brand and the detail of the ring. People will also give the rings as something like birthday or Christmas gift.

And if you want to know the finger that will be up for the promise ring, it is actually up to the individual. You can use it on any finger and I suggest you consider Jared promise rings.

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