Kay Jewelers Men’s Wedding Rings Popular in 2017

Kay Jewelers men’s wedding rings simply refer to those rings that are wide and also they are indeed better to be worn by men. Another name for this wedding ring is a wedding band. Yes, it is about the design that has the same width on any side just like a band.

Sure, although it is known as a ring for men, the women can adapt this idea as well by considering some matters for the design. Any material can just be used for this ring whether you prefer gold, white gold, silver, platinum, titanium and so forth. More than that, you surely must think about the design.

Here are the several designs for Kay jewelers wedding ring for men that are really popular in this 2017.

Plain Matte Kay Jewelers Wedding Ring

As the name, the ring is just plain even without any other ornaments like gemstones. The design is also simple as the representation of modern and contemporary wedding ring.

The term matte here is due to the surface that is less shiny and it tends to be coarser compared to other ring designs. You can find the rings in various colors particularly silver, gold, and black. If you want your bride wear the same ideas, it is good to choose a ring with the slimmer shape or rose gold color.

Yes, those ideas are considered being more feminine.

Kay Jewelers Wedding Rings with Gemstones

The idea is actually just the same as what has been explained in the previous point. You can also let the surface matte. Whether it is matte or glossy, the key point here is the application of gemstones.

The gemstones can be around the ring or just simply in the middle. Whatever the type of gemstones, it is surely depending on your expectation.

However, those are that are commonly offered in the market are diamonds indeed. Undeniably clear white diamonds have neutral colors that can be combined well with any kind of wedding rings.

However, if you want to try something new, other gemstone ideas like ruby or emerald are magnificent as well.

Two Tone Kay Jewelers Wedding Rings

It is sort of Kay wedding rings in which you apply two colors at once. It can be black and white, white and gold, black and gold, and some more.

Sure, since the colors are two, it means that the materials or metals used are two as well like gold and white gold etc. The two-tone wedding rings are indeed so unique and well as looking more modern.

Interestingly, many two-tone rings are also designed with gemstones. Even if it is said before that these ring ideas are representing modern style more.

For you the lovers of vintage or classic designs, you must not worry. Why? There are many of the producers who provide two-tone rings with vintage styles. It can be seen from the ornaments or engraving added.

Besides, colored gemstones are also those factors that can add the look of vintage. So, for you the groom-to-be, Kay Jewelers men’s wedding rings are good choices.

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