Kim Kardashian Wedding Ring Price

Have you ever heard about Kim Kardashian wedding ring price? It prices absolutely fantastic. Do you who Kim Kardashian is? Kim Kardashian is an actress, model, and businesswoman from Los Angeles, California, United States.

She has been married to the professional basketball player, Kris Humphries. Their wedding ceremony is one of the most popular wedding ceremonies in the world.

They waste a lot of money to prepare their wedding. They have had a marvelous wedding party. The properties, such as wedding cake, dress, hotel and even the ring cost highly expensive.

Then, do you know why the wedding ring prices fantastically? The special ring from Lorraine Schwartz is around $2 million. Then, on her marriage to Kanye West. The ring diamond is around $8million. Here, I will tell you the reasons why they are so expensive.

  • This ring is specially designed by the most famous American jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz as the request from Kris Humphries. Humphries wants to give a special wedding ring for the special day. It is designed beautifully and no one has the similar like this ring.

    Then, the diamond ring from Kanye West is smaller than the Humphries ring. However, it is made from D flawless cut diamond and it is also made by the famous jeweler, Lorraine Schwartz too.
  • Those two rings contain different karat. From Humphries, the ring has 20,5-carat emerald cut. It comprised of 16,21-carat rectangular cut and then, two of 1,8-carat trapezoid stone. The materials are priced so wonderfully. It can increase the price of Kim Kardashian wedding ring.

    Then, from Kanye West, it is 15 karats Lorraine Schwartz diamond. According to Adelaide Polk Bauman, the expert of Diamond, the ring from Kanye West prices around $7-8 million.
  • Both those rings are made from the special diamond. The diamond shows how the precious ring is. It looks shiny and bright when he put on Kim Kardashian finger. The cut pieces of the ring are good made neatly follow the round ring.

    Then, there is a big diamond rock on the top of the ring. This big diamond might attract a lot of people.
  • Many people claim that the rings are so flawless. There is no ring which can become its comparison. The color, cut and clarity are well made. Lorrain, the jeweler, shares about Kim’s picture with a diamond ring at the top of her ring finger.

    Lorraine says that the ring color is the best and the ring’s clarity is also the best too.

So, these are all about Kim’s wedding ring. Kim has a fantastic wedding ceremony twice. The grooms have to waste more money to order the special wedding ring. They ask for the most precious materials and diamond to make a wedding ring for Kim.

The jeweler has designed a valuable ring which cost fantastically. The wedding ceremony of Kim become the thing which attracts a lot of people to see and find the information about Kim Kardashian wedding ring price.

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