King and Queen Crown Wedding Rings Ideas

Every wedding ceremony will use a particular theme, with royalty and fairy tale often becoming among the most favored themes.

The theme is then applied not only to the decoration but also to almost every element of the wedding, including the rings worn by the bride and groom.

When royalty or fairy tale theme is chosen for a wedding, king and queen crown wedding rings will become the element that is so important that they often become the centerpiece of the ceremony.

As the name implies, both rings adopt the design of the king’s and queen’s crowns. Obviously, the king’s ring will be worn by the groom and the queen’s for the bride.

If you think that wearing those rings in your wedding feels like a great idea, here we will show you some popular designs for crowns-inspired wedding rings.

Intricate Crown-Like Wedding Ring

King’s and queen’s crowns are great inspiration for ring design because all crowns look beautiful with their intricate design and because they carry solemn meaning.

The crowns are also circular and ring-like. In fact, when you look at a crown closely, it may look like the enlarged version of a ring.

If you want to make a crown-like ring, the easiest way to do that is by reducing the size of the crown to the size of a ring.

This can be done to both the king’s crown and its queen’s counterpart. You can use any precious metal as the main band and put precious gems at places where they usually appear on a real crown.

Many ring designers and sellers use this method to design their own king and queen crown wedding rings.

Wedding Rings with Crown-Shaped Prongs

Using a little crown as a prong to hold the ring’s largest gem is another great idea to design king and queen crown wedding rings.

The band can be either plain or decorated with any setting that you like, but the biggest gem is held by a crown-shaped prong.

Plain Wedding Rings

The above design works well especially if you want both the king’s ring and queen’s ring to appear elegant with their intricate design.

However, if you prefer sleeker and more minimalistic design, you can make the crowns appear plain with no gem attached to them.

To design a plain king and queen crown wedding rings, you can refer to the shape of king’s and queen’s crowns in chess pieces and then transform them into rings.

Again, ring designers and sellers can provide you with a catalog of plain wedding ring designs that are intended to make the rings appear elegant with their simple design.

Wedding Band with Etched Crown

Another popular design for simple king and queen crown wedding rings is by etching the image of a crown on a plain wedding band.

The groom will wear the band with king’s crown etched on it and the bride will wear its queen’s counterpart. This design is a good choice if you think that the crown-shaped ring is not minimalistic enough.

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