Pandora Light As A Feather Ring in Review

For you who are interested in jewelry, you must be familiar with Pandora light as a feather ring. Pandora is well known as jewelry manufacturer and retailer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Pandora is known for manufacturing many kinds of jewelry such as customizable bracelets, rings, necklaces, and watches. Jewelry produced by Pandora has distributed around the globe.

Pandora is also well known for the light jewelry. The jewelry produced by Pandora is designed to be very light as you don’t wear any jewelry.

For ring designer, Pandora is well known for the feather design that often be found in every ring that produced by Pandora. It seems to be a trademark for Pandora in designing rings. It is designed like a feather that rounds your finger. It is a unique design.

We are going discuss Pandora light as a feather ring briefly and how it can be a good option for you who are looking for a unique ring.

Feather Ring by Pandora

Pandora sees that sometimes the design of rings could be very boring. That’s why people tend to use only their wedding ring.

People prefer to use any other jewelry than a ring. Only some people that interested in using the ring as jewelry along with engagement or wedding ring.  People sometimes see that ring is “stiff” in term of design and function.

However, Pandora tries to change that paradigm by designing a unique shape of the ring, which is a feather ring. Feather is used because it can be fully implemented in a ring.

It means that you don’t only put the feather as an additional ornament. I can be a main shape of the ring. Feather ring by Pandora can be worn as jewelry along with engagement or wedding rings. The unique design will not make you look overwhelming in wearing jewelry.

The Design

Pandora designs the feather ring as close as possible with the original feather in term of shape and characteristic. It is designed to be a feather, a single feather that is bent.

The two tips of the feather are attached each other. Naturally, it will be a ring. As an ornament, commonly there is some stone such as clear CZ that are used in every segment of the feather.

It looks like a sprinkled stones on the feather. As the main characteristic of Pandora Jewelry, feather rings produced by Pandora must be designed as light as it can be.

The lightness will make the person who wears the ring feel comfortable as she doesn’t wear the ring.

The Material

The feather ring can be very light due to the material that is used for crafting the feather ring. The Pandora feather ring uses sterling silvers as the material.

Sterling silver is well known as a metal that is durable and very light. It also cost less expensive than another metal such as Gold.  It means that Pandora feather ring is affordable for many people and many different levels.

Pandora light as a feather ring can be a good choice for you who are looking for a ring that can be worn along with another ring and jewelry.

The unique feather design will perfectly match any dress and any situation. That’s all about Pandora light as a feather ring. Hopefully, it will be a good reference for you to look for a ring.

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