Promise Rings Size 4.5 For Romantic Couple

For you who are in a serious relationship, promise rings size 4.5 may have appeared in your mind. Probably now, you are wearing a promise ring. There is so much confusion about promise rings, such as what promise rings are, how it works, whether it is necessary or not in a relationship and whether it is same or not with engagement and wedding ring.

You may get different answers from many different people. Some people say that it is necessary to have promise ring in order to show that you are serious in a relationship.

Some others may say that it is unnecessary and it will only waste your money for something useless. Apart from pros and cons, if you decide to wear a promise ring, there many things that should be considered. One of the common things that should be considered is the size of the ring.

You need to measure well in order to get fitted promise ring. It will be a problem for you who have small fingers. Promise rings size 4.5 can be a good choice for you. We are going to discuss briefly promise rings.

What Are Promise Rings?

People often called promise rings as a pre-engagement ring. It means that the ring that is used before the engagement. In Engagement, rings are given as a symbol of seriousness from a couple to continue their relationship in marriage.

How about promise rings? What does it mean? Promise rings basically are rings that are given as a symbol of promise or commitment in a relationship. You are promising each other. So it doesn’t have any relation yet with marriage. Promise rings are not obligatory. So for you who don’t want to wear promise rings, you don’t have to worry about it.

However, there are many couples that still wear promise rings. Many people still believe that giving promise rings to your boyfriend or girlfriend is a romantic thing that can symbolize a commitment in a relationship. Promise rings are good things to show how serious you are about being with him or her in a relationship.

Promise rings commonly are given when your relationship has lasted for over a year. When it last less than a year, you may not be sure yet whether or not your relationship will last any longer.

Promise Rings Size 4.5

Size is very important parts that you have to consider when you are planning to give promise rings to your couple. Without any exact size, it is difficult to get fitted promise rings. In order to get an exact number, it is recommended that you measure your finger first before purchasing promise rings. You can go to a jewelry store and you can ask somebody to measure your finger for a ring.

You can also do it at your home. You can use elastic ruler or ruler that commonly used by a tailor to measure your finger. Promise rings size 4.5 is considered as very small size. There are many people, especially woman, who has a small finger. Promise rings size 4.5 are specially designed for you who have a very small finger.

How to Buy?

In order to get promise rings size 4.5, you need to request the size to the ring makers. Size 4.5 is a not common size for rings. That is why this size is not commonly made in large number. Of course, you need to measure well first to ensure that you get the exact size. However, promise rings size 4.5 is used to associate any small size rings.

That’s all about promise rings size 4.5. Hopefully, it will give information about what promise rings size 4.5 are and the function of the rings.

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