Rose And White Gold Engagement Rings Designs

Rose and white gold engagement rings are definitely beautiful options. If you think of these rings are among the daintiest jewelry collections, you are so correct. Forget about the usual yellow and white gold for engagement rings because this time you are offered with something much more unique and unusual.

The rose gold is somehow a beautiful base of jewelry that makes every woman crazy about it. While some people choose only the exclusive rose gold for engagement rings, other people choose a combination of white gold and rose gold. As a result, it creates something so personal yet gorgeous that makes your engagement day unforgettable.

Characteristics of Rose and White Rings

If you are looking for an engagement ring with romantic design and concept yet unique feature, the white and rose gold engagement ring undoubtedly makes the right choice. Thanks to its warm and pink hue that the gold looks uniquely romantic. This metal appearance is made possible with a combination of copper alloy and yellow gold.

Basically, rose gold jewelry its own history. It was first popular thanks to its beautiful and unique rich color. It doesn’t take too much effort for this ring to stand out among the crowds including among the rich Hollywood families and TV stars. Rose gold itself used to be called as Russian Gold because it was first popular in Russia.

When it comes to rose gold purity, the Rose Gold is definitely a perfect choice especially if it is made from 24K gold. This way, the ring has very soft design that all women in any ages will feel so lucky having to receive and wear the rings.

When the ring is made of 24K gold, the overall result will definitely be very dainty and alluring. However, it may get a bit a difficult to find Rose gold rings with 24K because it is the most expensive one.

Best Designs for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Imagine yourself walking into the jewelry store and searching for the right and most beautiful engagement rings for your upcoming event. As was first created by Cartier Trinity Ring, this ring is now an international hit that is often chosen by so many people around the world who look for unique beauty for their engagement rings.

One of the most popular designs is the vintage rose gold engagement ring, an endless choice with eternal beauty. Time consumes the rose color and changes into red gold which actually is another beautiful color hue.

Thanks to this distinguishing feature that this rose gold design becomes a stunning antique or vintage piece of jewelry with increased exquisiteness. It is definitely among the most coveted ring types.

In combination with other gold colors like white gold, the rose gold still has its unique and true beauty. When these two colors combined, it results a stunning piece of jewelry that never wears. Of course, it also has the excellent durability to make sure it can be worn for years for timeless rose and white gold engagement rings.

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