Save This Pandora Ring Size Guide!

You can always ask the jewelry store representative to help you determine the ring size that fits you best, but you can also do it at home easily using the Pandora ring size guide.

If you are buying a ring online, or you want to surprise your partner by giving them an engagement ring, this guide should help you determine the right ring size.

Using An Existing Ring

Most online jewelry stores including Pandora offers a page that you can print. This page contains several circles of different sizes.

To make sure the size of the page does not change after you have printed it, a lot of websites ask you to put a certain metal coin on top of the money icon to make sure that the scale is right.

In Pandora’s case, they will ask you to measure a line and make sure it really is 50 mm to make sure that the scale is right.

Prepare the ring that you want to measure. Choose a ring that fits, but not a ring that is too small. As every finger in each hand has different sizes, you should choose a ring that you will use on a certain finger.

Place your ring on top of one of the circles on the page. Match it with the circle that is the closest in size to your ring.

If you are hesitant, then go for a larger size. This is because it is much easier to make a ring smaller than to make it bigger.

Using A Paper Or A String

Cut a paper or a string. If you choose to cut a paper, cut a rectangle with a length of 12 cm and a width of 1,5 cm. Circle the paper or string around the finger you want to measure.

Slide the paper or the string past your knuckle, because the size of the ring must be big enough to be able to pass your knuckle. After that, mark the paper or the string where both ends that circle your finger meets.

Measure the length of the paper or the string using a ruler. Use the side of the ruler that has numbers on it so the measurement of the ring is more precise.

After that, you can refer to a ring size guide that provides you a conversion from circumference measurement to a diameter measurement.

This is necessary because the ring size guide by Pandora only provides the diameter to ring size conversion.

Tips On Measuring Your Ring Size

It is recommended that you measure your ring when your finger in a warm condition at the afternoon to make sure that the size of your finger is the largest or at the most expanded state.

There are certain metal rings that cannot or can only be limitedly resized. Try consulting the jewelry seller if you have any questions or certain thoughts.

Remember that the fingers can expand during pregnancy or when using certain medications. Pay attention to those things when you are measuring your ring size using the Pandora ring size guide.

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