Show Your Love with Couple Promise Rings Set

For a man that has a special relationship with girlfriend, couple promise rings set can be one of the good ways that you can do to show your seriousness of being with her in that relationship. Promise rings are still debatable for many people. Some people say that it is necessary. However, some people also say that it is unnecessary and only waste your money. The answer can be very dependable on many factors and situations.

For example, for you who don’t have much money, giving promise rings can be unwise because it means that you have to spend your money to buy rings. However, if you have a good financial level, money will not be a problem for you to buy rings. We are going to discuss briefly couple promise rings set.

What is Couple Promise Rings Set?

Couples promise rings set is a set of rings that are worn by a man and a woman in a relationship that symbolize seriousness or promise for each other. It is one of the romantic ways to show your love to your couple. It is also a form of commitment that is taken by man and woman in a relationship.  Couple promise rings set means that there will be two rings that will be worn by the man and the woman.

It should be two rings because it will symbolize that both man and woman promise to each other. Is it same with engagement and wedding rings? No, it is not same. Couple promise rings don’t have any relation yet with marriage. People commonly called promise rings as pre-engagement rings, which means that the rings are worn before the engagement.


Promise rings are not as powerful as engagement and wedding ring to bind a relationship. You don’t have to organize a serious ceremonial event when you want to give a promise ring to your couple. It is also not obligatory. However, for romantic and melancholic couples, giving promise rings can be very special.

Commonly, promise rings are given when your relationship has lasted for over a year. Basically, there is no exact rule about this, but it is recommended to give it when your relationship has lasted for over a year. For some people, one year may be a period of time when you try to know each other. So it is less sure or certain compared if you have a one-year relationship or more.


There are many kinds of couple promise rings set that has been developed. Generally, the ring that is used by man and woman will be quite similar. There will be some minor differences to show that the ring belongs to man or woman, except the size. Commonly it is made of Silver. This metal is recommended for promise rings due to the durability and the low cost.

There are many designs that you can request for you couple promise ring set. All you need to do just to request to the ring makers. Commonly, there are some ornaments that symbolize love and promise such as love symbols, Hands, love phrase, etc.

That’s all about couple promise rings set. Couples promise rings set is romantic ways that you can do to show your seriousness with your couple. Hopefully, this information can help you or can be a good reference to find your couple promise rings set.

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