Smart Tips for Pandora Jewelry Promise Rings

Pandora jewelry promise rings can be your choices to be given to your partner. Just select the best one for your partner and your partner will really love to wear. First thing first you should know what the promise rings are. Like the name, the ring should be the one to promise someone or you—yourself to live with what is promised.

Surely, there are many definitions of promise rings. One thing for sure, all the promise rings symbolize commitment. Are you now in need to buy a promise ring for your partner? Here is the guidance:

How to Select a Promise Rings?

  • Know about your partner’s styles, personality, and wishes. This is very important if you want a surprise for your partner. You may take your partner to shop for a promise ring as well. This is good since your partner will really like the ring she chooses.

    It is better for you if you let her know about your budget or both of you will end up in disappointment just to wish the ring you cannot afford.
  • It is suggested to choose the one with her birthstone. This will show that you are thoughtful and dependable. Later you can have a rose gold or sterling silver to accompany the birthstone.

    Be careful, don’t pick the one that looks like an engagement ring or your girl will be confused about her status.

If you have known of how to select a promise ring, you should consider the promise rings from Pandora Jewelry. They come so beautifully to wear for sure. The promise rings from Pandora Jewelry are made from precious metals like sterling silver, yellow gold, and the special rose gold ala Pandora.

The design is hand-finished that comes various in classic or modern styles of unique decoration and stone settings. Check them out:

The Promise Rings from Pandora Jewelry

  • Consider a love knot promise ring made from sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia.
  • Consider a timeless look of promise ring with heart shape design of clear diamond.
  • Consider an elegant abstract promise ring made from sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia.

    The hand-finished silver ring shows geometric twists, like a great round cut stone and a princess cut stone.
  • Consider a promise ring made from yellow or rose gold with 24 karat diamond.
  • Consider a promise ring made from sterling silver with the blue crystal that is hand-finished and inspired by the nightfall.
  • Consider a white band promise ring made from enamel and sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia stone.

Surely, the promise ring given by you will be on her ring finger every day. It is very important for her to know about how clean it to make it shiny all the time. Here are the ways:

How to Clean a Ring Made from Sterling Silver with Gemstones?

  • Make a mixture of lukewarm water and a mild soap.
  • With a cloth of soapy lukewarm water, clean the silver part only.
  • With a different cloth, let it dry.
  • Use cream polish to gently wipe down the silver part with a clean cloth. Use back and forth motion and not circle motion.
  • With a soapy water and soft toothbrush, try to clean the gemstones gently.
  • Rinse the stone with plain water and a clean cloth.
  • If you have finished, put the ring inside a velvet box to make the ring be free from dirt and dust.

It’s great if we have promise rings from Pandora Jewelry, don’t you think? If you want to buy one, what you have read surely can be the guidance. The article about Pandora jewelry promise rings does give you inspiration, right?

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