Suitable Promise Rings For Guys

Promise rings for guys, in general, have some various models of either very simple or a little festive with the addition of precious stones such as diamonds. The Ring itself is one of the jewelry that is very common because it can be used by all people of all ages both women and men.

In the marriage generally, men also wear a ring as a sign that he was bound in a marriage relationship. Currently, the use of a ring in men is not only associated with marital status but can also be used as an accessory just as it happens on watches.

Therefore, this article will discuss the history of ring usage and various ring models suitable for men.

The History of Ring Usage

It is known in history that the rings were first used during the time of ancient Egyptian civilization between the period 3100-332 BC. At that time, Pharaoh as the leader of ancient Egyptian civilization often gave the ring as a symbol of power to the Egyptian patriarchs.

Therefore, the first ring can’t be used by indiscriminate people because the ring symbolizes the high social status of the community order.

But in its development, archaeologists discovered a new fact that the use of the ring had existed long before the Pharaoh’s reign, about 2686-2181 BC. At that time, the ring design adopted the shape of the scarab beetle which is one of the creatures considered sacred by the Ancient Egyptians.

In its development, during the period of the New Kingdom of Egypt about 1550-1077 BC, the ring can already be used by Egyptian society in various social strata with a ring made of ceramics.

At that time, the Ancient Egyptians already know the modeling and molding techniques so that ring can be produced in sufficient quantities.

The Meaning of A Ring

Currently, the use of the ring is not just a mere accessories, but in a ring, wedding bond has some basic meaning, namely:

  1. Symbol of Power. In the past in accordance with the history of the ring can only be worn by people who have power in a society. Therefore, it is expected that the ring can provide a motivation for someone who wore it to be stronger life after marriage.
  2. Symbol of Sustainability. The ring design that forms a circle, where a circle is a form that has no end meaning. Therefore, it is expected that married life that is being run can perform harmoniously and happily until separated by death only.

Perfect Ring Design for Men

Here are some design of promise rings that can be used by men:

  1. Ring design with a combination of metal and wood. The combination of metal and wood will give a unique and masculine impression on men because it gives the impression of natural but still look elegant.
  2. The design of the rose gold ring. Currently, this design being a promise ring trend. Rose gold can be combined with black and brown color so that still gives the impression of masculine in men.
  3. A combination design of two types of metal. This model ring can combine metal types such as black zirconium and white cobalt which gives a simple and casual impression when worn.

So this article hopefully can expand your insights on the history of ring usage and help you to find the most suitable promise rings for guys.

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