The Beautiful Symbolism of Celtic Wedding Ring Sets

Nothing bores thick symbolism quite like Celtic wedding ring sets. As we all know, wedding rings are the oldest and finest symbol of love.

Taking the shape of a circle, a wedding ring has no such thing as a beginning or an end. A symbol of love so pure it will last for infinity and beyond. Where it is worn is also another symbolism that shows how love should be.

Typically worn on the fourth finger of the bride’s and groom’s hand, the finger in which there is a vein leading directly to the heart.

With all of these beautiful representations, couples in love are also aware of one thing, and that is the fact that they will wear this piece of jewelry everyday – from the moment they say “I do” until the last of their day.

The Struggle of Finding the Perfect Ring

Being a piece of jewelry they have to wear every second of every day makes it important for them to choose the right one, and to choose the one they absolutely love.

This is the primary reason why many couples to be wed are agreed to choose the rings together; not only are they able to individually pick up the ones they love, they are also able to get themselves the rings that perfectly fit their personal preferences.

This agreement alleviates such massive burden that was once felt by many groom-to-be. Despite having dated their better halves for such a long time and knowing their preferences, choosing such essential and monumental piece for their union is never easy.

The fact that there is a large selection in the market makes the task even more overwhelming. And if you landed to this page because of your confusion in the many options, you would be pleased to know that you could never go wrong with Celtic wedding ring sets.

The Beautiful Symbolism of Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings are undoubtedly some of the greatest designs in the market. The couple who own Irish heritage is very often drawn to the unique and intricate patterns of the Celtic wedding rings.

Not only that, those without Irish heritage very often find themselves blown away by the beauty and elegance of the patterns.

There is a countless number of knot patterns you may find in Celtic wedding rings, all of which bears its own symbolism and history. Below is a list of the most popular patterns you can find:

  • The Aria-Knot Pattern

This pattern is a symbol of balance as it can be seen from the three arcs forming neat, separated lines which are connected at one point. It’s also the symbol of Holy Trinity.

  • The Donegal Pattern

Typically created using both silver and gold; the silver is a symbol of the moon, whereas the gold is the sun. The strands overlap and is used as a depiction of two paths weaved together.

  • The Rope Pattern

Rope pattern uses two gold bands weaved neatly into each other, connecting to create a common circle. This Celtic wedding ring set is a symbol of two different sources of energy which somehow achieve one common purpose.

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