The Best Rings Sellers – Jared’s Promise Rings

Jared’s promise rings collection may be the first place you have to visit when you want to buy a ring. It is very common because they are available almost in every mall or department store. Or if they are in their own outlet, the location will be near the mall or something like that.

They start to sell jewelry in 1993 and until now they already have many outlets around the US. Most couples will make Jared’s their first stop. But do you know what the real facts are?

Well, I will explain many things about Jared’s and also the best ring seller you can consider before buying one.

  • Most people start from Jared’s because it offers diamonds on the ring and they definitely can get the basic knowledge about diamonds.
  • Most people like to buy the available things and Jared’s has that offer.
  • Most people do not know about the standard of gem laboratory that has great reputation globally.
  • Most people buy Jared’s collection because they do not know what the better things.

So, are you one of the most people? I actually want to make a review about this brand. And if you are a die-hard fan of Jared’s I do not think you will like this review. Still, keep reading.

Jared’s Promise Rings Facts

There are many rings designed by several designers sold in Jared’s. Most of them are the preset ring or the ring that is ready to be purchased since you do not want to modify it. Of course, there is an option to buy the loose diamond ring that can be customized.

But if you buy it through their website, there are several drawbacks you will get such as you will not get the lab report that confirms if the ring is licensed. Meanwhile, the lab report will be really useful because:

  • It confirms that the diamond has the quality so you pay for the worth diamond (if you buy a diamond promise ring)
  • It verifies your ring in case one day you need to repair your ring.
  • Lab report that equipped on the diamond will make it easier to resell in the future.

Jared’s Loose Rings

For your information, Jared’s offers the low clarity grade. You may find it because there is loupe on it that makes the stone not clean enough. Those facts also exist on the loose diamond ring. Even though the loose rings are customized, it does not show the real value of promise or engagement ring. Good diamond will show the symmetrical pattern and you will find out that Jared’s does not have that kind of offer.

Final Words

Jared’s is easily found but unfortunately, it is not worth your hardly-earned money since they are pretty pricey but not as best as they promised. They have several nice-cut diamonds sold in their outlet but they also have a lot more low-grade diamond ring for engagement and promise ring, not to mention the marked-up price that makes it so pricey. So, this is the end of the review for Jared’s promise rings.

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