The Deeply Meaning of a Promise Ring

Have you ever heard about kinds of meaning of a promise ring? I am sure that most of the women in the world hope to get a special ring from her lover. They really want to get a ring which has a deep meaning for her life. When someone feels that his or her lover is the ideal one, they want to get a commitment as soon as possible.

To make a serious commitment, a man usually give the ring to a woman in front of their parents to show that they have a serious relationship and they are going to have married in the future. Then, what is the meaning of a promise ring?

Is it only related to love? Or maybe, is there any other meaning in the other case? Well, we are going to tell you about the meaning of a promise ring in some different cases.


In this case, a promise ring symbolizes the serious relation both two people. During pre-engagement, the real man shows his convince relationship with his girlfriend. The man offers a question about the serious relationship and then he offers the ring.

For the man, the promise ring represents that he is serious to make a relationship with the woman. He shows his love through offering the ring. Then, if the woman accepts the engagement, the man will put the ring on the woman finger.

It means that the woman has been tied and cannot receive any proposal from any other man.  This ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.


When a couple decides to get married, they need to prepare the wedding rings as the promise rings for their wedding patrimony. Sometimes, there is an engraved name on each ring. It symbolizes that the human has married already. People will put the ring on the right ring finger.

It represents that the man and woman have owned partner of life. Why are people advised to put on a ring for their wedding? It is said that the form of the ring is round and there is no end on it. It is wished that the couple will love their partner with never-ending. There is no one who can separate and broke the relation.


The promise ring also symbolizes purity. It represents a commitment to abstain from any bad things. Sometimes, parents give this promise ring to their child. They hope that the child can obey the commitment to abstain herself from the alcohol, free sex, smoking and any other unhealthy friendship.


Sometimes the promise ring is also worn by some people. It will represent the belief. Then, in most cases, it symbolizes the commitment for a lifetime.


Many teenagers have the promise ring to symbolize a friendship. They put on that ring to have a commitment to be a best friend without any affair. They commit to always listen and advise their friend.

They promise to be there hearing the friend’s story and any other thing.  This is the reason why a friendship can be the meaning of a promise ring.

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