The Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

There is a slight yet very important difference between engagement ring and wedding ring. Even though you are free to use one same ring for both occasions, you can also get two different rings if you want to put some emphasis on every moment and make them shines brightly on their own.

Both rings symbolize love and commitment but here are some differences between the two of them.

Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is presented by a person to a partner in the proposal process. When a person loves his lover so much that they think they want to spend the rest of their life with their lover, they will give their lover an engagement ring. It is a symbol that that person wants to tie the knots with the person they love the most.

When the couple has been engaged, they will move forward to the next stage of their commitment process that is marriage. The engagement ring usually looks very extravagant with diamond or other gemstones being the centerpiece of the ring.

Wedding Ring

When two people have decided to take their commitment to the next level and to live together for the rest of their love, they will enter marriage. When the wedding ceremony is started, the engagement ring will be replaced with the wedding ring.

While engagement ring is normally only worn by the ladies, the wedding ring is worn by both the bride and groom and they put the ring on each other’s ring finger during the wedding ceremony.

Contrary to engagement ring that looks very sparkly and extravagant, wedding ring usually looks simpler. It is plain without any gemstones and even if it has gemstones, the size is not that really big. There is no particular reason for this. But maybe it signifies that marriage life is not always about roses and diamonds.

It is more about faithfulness and staying true to each other and this is why even the simplest rings are enough to symbolize a marriage commitment.

Where Should You Wear Them?

Actually, both wedding ring and engagement ring are worn on the ring finger of the person’s left hand. It is a very old tradition that has lived for centuries. So, it is actually okay if you prefer to use them on other fingers.

When the wedding ceremony starts and the bride and groom are about to exchange rings, the bride usually will move her engagement ring to the ring finger of her right hand. It is necessary so that the ring finger of the left hand is vacant for the groom to put a ring on it.

There are also some brides that stop wearing her engagement ring after the wedding ceremony because she has moved forward to another chapter of life and her commitment is now symbolized by the wedding ring.

But since the difference between engagement ring and wedding ring is in its design, some woman still decide to use her wedding ring along with her engagement ring because the engagement ring is just too pretty to be kept inside the drawer.

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