The Meanings Behind Heart Shaped Promise Rings

Are you interested in heart shaped promise rings? Before you go ahead and actually make the purchase, you may want to get to know some things about promise rings first.

As a lot of you may know already by now, engagement and wedding rings have been worn for the longest time on the finger next to the pinky of the left hand. This is because there is a vein inside that finger that goes right to the human heart.

Engagement and wedding ring also give some kind of comfort by being present on one’s hand. Its shape which is circular also represents a love that has no end to it.

There is evidence proving that ancient Egyptians gave rings to their bride thousands of years ago as the ring is a symbol of love that can never die.

Sometime after that, Roman men also presented rings to women as the ring symbolizes ownership. Therefore, you can see that both engagement and wedding rings have existed for quite some time.

However, how about the presence of the promise rings?

What Are The Promise Rings?

Some people may regard promise rings as something that is unnecessary and excessive. Most people will end up getting engaged anyway, so why do you have to create a step between dating and getting engaged?

Why not go straight to giving an engagement ring instead? Promise rings symbolize devotion or commitment between two people in love.

Therefore, you can think of promise rings as a token of love, just like how back in high school boys would give their class rings to their girlfriends at the time.

It shows that two people are exclusively dating. Promise rings also express the passion beyond the capability of words.

The Deep Meanings Behind The Promise Rings

If you are courageous enough to take the leap and purchase a promise ring, it gives a deeper meaning rather than just updating the status of your relationship on social media such as Facebook.

The promise rings concretely symbolize a romantic connection, and you can also see it as a sign that you and your partner are promising yourselves towards one another.

The promise ring can carry the assurance that you and your partner will make choices that are better, are willing to make sacrifices when needed for the sake of the relationship, or to remain faithful.

Why People Buy The Promise Rings?

Some people go for the promise rings in order to share with one another that they will be engaged in the future.

There are a lot of reasons why couples would choose to do this (they might be too young at the time) are strengthening their finances first, or are still chasing their education.

Whatever reason it may be, the bottom line is that they know they want to end up in a marriage eventually but given the current circumstances, they are not ready yet to make the commitment.

Some people also go for promise rings because they have no plans of getting married but still want something to symbolize how significant their relationship currently is.

You may also have your own reasons to be interested in purchasing heart shaped promise rings, and that is perfectly fine.

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